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The Cloud Roads

Friday at Last

My allergies have been bad in the past couple of days, to which I add an achy back today. I'm really looking forward to the weekend.

The last GoodReads giveaway for The Cloud Roads will end on September 30. After that there will be one for The Serpent Sea all through October, and then In November the one for The Siren Depths will start.

I should be getting an ARC for The Siren Depths sometime soon, and once I do I'll hold a drawing for it in a post here.

I have a Pinterest board here for neat art I find.

Link I've been Meaning to Post:

Beautiful drawings of historical clothing from different groups all across China Beware NSFW ads along the side.

Judith Tarr is having a sale! Mentoring and Writing Teaching, Editing, and Various and Sundry Services

This is awesome: Xkcd: Click and Drag

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Wow those outfits are awesome, especially #9 and #10. And #47 (yay, pants!) And #52 and #53.

I gotta admit though, i'm almost tempted to now to turn off AddBlock just to see exactly what the NSFW ads are :)

Also, i think this has been a miserable week for everyone for one reason or another. (Anyone who _hasn't_ been feeling crappy and run down this week, shut up! We don't want to hear about it! You'll just make the rest of us feel more miserable! ;)

The NSFW ads were just the standard pron ones, nothing really different or interesting. :)

Yeah, I've been hearing the same thing, everyone seems to be having allergies or end of summer colds. It's just that time of year, I guess.

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