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Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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The Cloud Roads

Donation for a Chance to Win Early Copy of The Siren Depths

When I get my author's copies of a new book, I try to do cute photos of the book with my cats. Cats were not cooperative this morning:

I also usually do a drawing for signed copies, but in light of hurricane Sandy, I wanted to do something a little different.

To enter the drawing for an autographed trade paperback copy of The Siren Depths, the third Books of the Raksura novel:

1) Make a donation to an organization for hurricane Sandy relief, such as the Red Cross, or any of the organizations listed at the bottom of this post by TimeOut New York, or here on this post by Forgotten New York, or one of the organizations doing relief for Sandy's damage in the Caribbean, like Global Giving. The Huffington Post also lists a bunch of organizations you can donate to, including some international ones.

2) The donation can be any amount, though a minimum of $5.00 would be nice. (This is on the honor system, but I will ask the winners to send me the e-receipt for their donation, with the address you want the book sent to, how you want it personalized, etc.)

3) To enter, make a comment on this post with the name of the organization you donated to. It would be good if you listed the amount, but if you really don't want to you don't have to.

4) On Wednesday morning I'll draw a minimum of five winners (more if we have a lot of entries) randomly and announce them.

5) Please spread the word!

ETA 6) If LJ or Dreamwidth won't let you post here, email me through my web site and I'll put your entry in the drawing.

The things you must remember:

* these are my author's copies so they arrived early. I don't know when the book will start showing up in stores, but I bet it will probably be around mid to late November.

* the original release date for the book was December 4, so the ebooks will not be available until that date. This is something that is decided by the publisher, just like the price of the book, the availability, the cover, etc.


If you can't donate, you can enter the GoodReads giveaway, or you can enter both this giveaway and the GoodReads giveaway.

Night Shade Books has put the Kindle US version of The Cloud Roads on sale for $1.99. (Down from normal price of $7.99)

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What a great idea! I donated $25 to the red cross disaster relief fund.

I sent $25 to the Red Cross.

I donated $50 to the Red Cross. I used to live in Louisiana, so I know how devestating hurricanes can be.

Donated $100 to the Red Cross. My husband's company is matching employee donations, too, which is nice of them.

You won! You need to send your mailing address and if you want the signature on the book personalized to you or someone else to msw at charisat dot com

$50 to the Bowery Mission

I hadn't realized that they're a religious organization until after I donated, but strangely enough, I donate to the LA Catholic Worker too. Now that's a wacky bunch from my agnostic, democratic perspective but doing good work in LA's skid row. (I was introduced to them by an ex-boyfriend and I know that just about everything you donate to them is directly used for their projects; they refuse to do the non-profit paperwork, so you can't deduct the donation on your taxes)

One of my best friends lives on Long Island, and works in the City. Her office closed for the week and she safely evacuated (with cat!) to relatives in Connecticut.

What a nice way to help others! I donated to the american red cross.

Donated $50 to the Red Cross and $35 to the ASPCA. Got to take care of the fuzzy and their people...

You won! You need to send your mailing address and if you want the signature on the book personalized to you or someone else to msw at charisat dot com

What a wonderful idea, Ms. Wells. I donated to the Bailey-Holt House. My roommate's performing in RENT next weekend, so it seems appropriate.

I donated to Global Giving (since the damage done in the Caribbean hasn't been getting nearly as much attention). Less than I'd like to have, since money is tight right now, but at least it was more than the minimum...

Donated $100 to Red Cross through Paypal. Great for you to be doing this.

Please enter me in the drawing! $50 to the Red Cross.

I gave $25 to the Red Cross and $25 to the Humane Society disaster relief fund.

If you're still accepting entries, here's me sliding in under the wire with $50 to Red Cross disaster relief.

You won! You need to send your mailing address and if you want the signature on the book personalized to you or someone else to msw at charisat dot com

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