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Links and Chicks Unravel Time

I would tell you what I've been doing when I haven't been writing, but seriously, it's boring. I did laundry and cleaned out the spice shelf. Yeah, see, it's just not that interesting. It's all writing, writing, writing.


First review for The Siren Depths at SF Signal.

(and The Cloud Roads is still $1.99 for the Kindle US version at Amazon)


This is also the official release day for Chicks Unravel Time. My article in it is "Donna Noble Saves the Universe." You can comment on the editor's post here to be entered into a Doctor Who giveaway.


* Exploring the World of Chesya Burke: Black Women in Speculative Fiction: A Brief Investigation

* Rainbow Book List: GLBTQ Books for Children and Teens: Rainbow Project Final Nomination List

* Inexplicables by Cherie Priest, the next book in the Clockwork Century series, is out today!

* Knifesworn by Mazarkis Williams is out today!

* World SF Blog: Tuesday Fiction: “Brita’s Holiday Village” by Karin Tidbeck

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Siren Depths has been pre-ordered (back in June). The delivery date is unclear. I'll just have to wait.

Knifesworn looks interesting. I hope it comes out as an ebook.

Knifesworn is actually the second book, the first is The Emperor's Knife. It should be in ebook on the Baen Webscription site, too.

Thanks for the information on Knifesworn I'll go look for it.

my copy of the Siren Depths shipped today! i'm so excited. i'll review it when i've re-read all of them and then read the new one. :)

Cool, thank you! And I hope you enjoy it!

My copy came today!


I can't wait :-D

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