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Meme: A story I haven’t written

Okay, trying this Meme, which I saw on kateelliott and kristine_smith's LJS:

Tell me about a story I haven’t written, and I’ll give you one sentence from that story.

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The one about the dragon and the submarine.

Captain Descane stepped back from the porthole as the giant kaleidoscope eye filled it, and said, "I told you it wasn't an island. It had fins, for God's sake!"

Kade Carrion pregnant with Thomas Boniface's child.

Nicholas Valiarde's rise to power from child to young adulthood.

Tremaine's granddaughter on the first expedition into the oceans of Europa.

Olivie lifted the telescope as the armored airship banked down over the endless icy sea. "I don't see the Bisran ship, but that doesn't mean they aren't here."

I'd like to hear about the one where Nicholas finds out that he's going to be a father . . . the one where he finds out that he's going to be a grandfather would also be cool, of course . . .

The one about the wholly unexpected scaled being without legs.

This turned out more drabblish:

The long shape circling in over the valley was more snake-like than Raksura-like, all the myriad pairs of wings working separately with and against the wind, giving it a grace in flight that was hard to believe.

"It doesn't have any legs," Chime said. "So when it lands, does it crawl?"

"I don't think it ever lands," Flower said. "I don't think it needs to."

This is extremely cool. thanks.

How about the one with the dinosaur and the spaceship?

I see you had one above similar to this.

What about the story about the world inside the snowglobe?

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Madeline leaned close to the glass globe, so close it frosted under her breath. "Oh hell," she breathed. "They're alive in there."

Excellent. Thanks! :D

Once there was an air-captain whose sailbeast got caught in a sudden storm, and crashed atop one of the great mountain-turtles that circle the edges of the civilized lands. Trapped in the strange high wilderness of the Upper Shell, she would need all her ingenuity and courage - not only to survive, but to forage for her sailbeast until its gas-bladder healed enough to fly again.

(Deleted comment)
The meet cute of Nicholas and Madeline ^^

The story of Reynard's fall from social grace, prior to The Death of the Necromancer.

Or if you'd prefer something that's not associated with any of your actual books, the one where cats secretly control world politics.

The AU where Ilias actually keeps his curseling wings.

"All right, fine!" Giliead shouted. "We'll figure out a way to deal with it. Just come down off the roof!"

*cracks up* I can totally see that.

Yep, that got a genuine laugh-out-loud (rather than one of those wimpy Internet LOLs). He-he!

What happened to the ocean made of sunlight?

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