Martha Wells (marthawells) wrote,
Martha Wells

The Siren Depths Ebook at Baen

ETA: Ooh, The Siren Depths ebook is available DRM-free at the Baen ebook site. Should show up at other retailers soon!

Two things for Saturday morning:

The Cloud Roads ebook for Kindle US is back to its normal $7.99 price, but now The Serpent Sea Kindle US is on sale for $1.99.

And if you missed my post last night, there's new fan art by Jessica Peffer for the Raksura books:

The rest of the fan art I've gotten for the Raksura books is linked on the Three Worlds page here. I love fan art! It's great to have this for the book's official release date, which is this coming Tuesday, December 4.
Tags: books of the raksura, ebooks available, fan art
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