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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Stargate Monuments

The Siren Depths Ebook at Baen

ETA: Ooh, The Siren Depths ebook is available DRM-free at the Baen ebook site. Should show up at other retailers soon!

Two things for Saturday morning:

The Cloud Roads ebook for Kindle US is back to its normal $7.99 price, but now The Serpent Sea Kindle US is on sale for $1.99.

And if you missed my post last night, there's new fan art by Jessica Peffer for the Raksura books:

The rest of the fan art I've gotten for the Raksura books is linked on the Three Worlds page here. I love fan art! It's great to have this for the book's official release date, which is this coming Tuesday, December 4.

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I got the book yesterday! I've devoured it twice, and have reread the really juicy bits a bunch more times, but haven't really digested it yet. DELICIOUS.
Let me just say how awesome the ebook sale price thing has been, because I coincidentally *just* got a Kindle. Perfect!

I wish there was one *more* book in this series, I want to see Moon and Jade babies. :) Oh well!
I'll go review on Amazon once I've digested. Eeeee!!!! :)

Oh cool, very glad you liked it! There will be four more ebook novellas, so there may very well be Moon and Jade babies. :)

*kermit flaily arms* Yyyyyaaaaayyyyyy!

Thanks Martha, I am sick with a head cold, This book is making me feel bunches better. Being bored is most of the worst of being sick.

Luvin the book.

Yay, glad it's making you feel a little better! Hope you get over this soon.

I just finished reading The Siren Depths and wanted to say how much I truly enjoyed every bit of it. Every time I read a new book of yours, it feels like a gift, and your characters very quickly become old friends. Congrats! ♥

Thanks. Purchased and loaded.

Thanks for the link

Hi Martha -
Thanks for the link ... I checked Amazon this morning and it still wasn't available as an ebook, then searched and found your post & link and happily bought the book from Baen. Can't wait to dig into it! Love the fan art.

Re: Thanks for the link

Thanks! And glad you were able to find it! I'm not sure why Amazon and B&N are being so slow.

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