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The Siren Depths Official Release Date

This is the official release day for The Siren Depths!

This is the third book in the Books of the Raksura series.

If you've been reading this LJ for a long time, some of this is old news, but I had a career crash in about 2006. I kept writing and finished The Cloud Roads in 2008, but at that time had no idea if I would ever be able to get it or any other fantasy novel published again. I wrote about this here in this post in the Night Bazaar, about 2011, and how it was supposed to be my last year as a professional writer.

I've come a long way since then, and I'm still so relieved and grateful that I can keep doing this.

The Siren Depths FAQ and Other Stuff I Wanted to Mention:

The description, and first two sample chapters are on my web site here. Free stories set in the same world, fan art, and other extras are on the Three Worlds Compendium.

Trade Paperback: It's available at these sites: Barnes and Noble, Chapters Indigo, Amazon US, Powell's, Mysterious Galaxy, The Tattered Cover, Books-a-Million, Book (free shipping worldwide), Waterstones UK, Book, Whitcoulls NZ, Amazon UK,,,, Amazon Spain, or look for it at an independent book store in the US through IndieBound.

It may still show as up for preorder in some of the non-US sites, not sure when it will be available everywhere.

Ebook: I checked again this morning and the Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and etc ebooks still aren't available. The good thing is, the ebook is available at the Baen Webscription site DRM-free, in multiple formats, at a discount of $6.00. (I linked to my author page there where The Cloud Roads and The Serpent Sea are also listed.)

Weirdly, the ebook is also seems to be available at the new UK site for Barnes and Noble's Nook. So I'm hoping this means it will slowly make it's way through the US system at some point soon.

Audiobook: Yes, this is supposed to be one, but I don't know yet when it'll be available. I'll post as soon as I know.

Sale: The Serpent Sea Kindle US is on sale for $1.99.

Signing: I'm doing a book signing this Saturday, from 3:00 to 4:00 pm at Murder by the Book in Houston, Texas. There will be lots of different authors there that day. If you want a signed copy of the book and can't be there, you can call the store and order one, and they'll get it signed and ship it to you.

Fan art: I've gotten some new fan art recently for the Raksura books, and it's linked on the Three Worlds page here.

Future Novels in the Series: At this point I don't know if there will be any more novels in the series with these characters. It really depends on how well the books sell. There will be four ebook novellas which I should be turning into the publisher starting next year, and at least two of them will feature Moon, Jade, and all the others.

Reviews: Reviews and recommendations are the only advertisement that most books get now. So if you like the books, please consider reccing them to your friends. Also, leaving reviews at the online retailer where you bought the book does help, especially if it's Amazon. There, it's the number of reviews that count, and until the book gets 20 reviews (bad or good or middling), the book doesn't start to show up in their recommendation system.
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