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The Serpent Sea

Some Kindle Editions Starting to Show Up

Ebooks for The Siren Depths are slowly starting to appear: Amazon US Kindle, Kindle UK, Barnes & Noble NookBook UK, Kindle Germany, Kindle France, Kindle Spain, Kindle Italy.

The cheapest (and DRM-free) option is still the Baen Webscription eBook.

ETA: Ooh, and my Big Idea post is up on Whatever:
Like a lot of people, I did not have a Hallmark card childhood, and even now I can tell that it still affects the way I think and react to people. So in these books I wanted to explore the ways that the past affects the characters’ perception of the present. And I wanted to show how Moon, who saw his whole world destroyed and lived for years in isolation, and who survived by a talent for deception and pretending to be something he wasn’t, would cope in what was supposed to be his normal environment. He has to learn how to trust his new, large, and somewhat dysfunctional family.

Other links:

Black Gate recommends omnibus edition of Obsidian and Blood by Aliette de Bodard: New Treasures

Reading, Writing and the Rhythmatic of Life: From My Bookshelf Book recs, including The Wizard Hunters:
The Wizard Hunters, by Martha Wells. Tremaine is one of my favorite heroes of either gender. Trenchant, competent, has morbid sense of humor, knows how to pick a lock, fire a gun and kill a man, isn’t very interested in magic, gets to fly a dirigible before steampunk was a thing, doesn’t damsel, but is in no way perfect. Need I say more? Deon Haywood Leads Women with a Vision To Their New Home After the Fire

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And also you have a Big Idea at Whatever!

New word for the year:"verdigrised". Is there a story behind how that word worked its way into the book? Or did it just naturally flow into the chapter?

It pretty much just flowed. :)

I am still patiently waiting for the Audible version.

...okay, i'm not being very patient about it, but it's not like i can get out and push to make them release it faster :)

Yes, I hope it comes out soon. I'm not sure how long it takes them to go through the whole recording process, etc.

They got book three of Kameron Hurley's series up pretty quick -- within a week of release date. Maybe it just depends on the availability of the narrator or when they got final copy from the publisher, etc.

Yay! I got my Kindle version of the Siren Depths yesterday from Amazon UK. The release date they're showing for the paperback is 3rd January so that's on pre-order, as is Emilie and the Hollow World for the beginning of April. Lots of Martha goodness to look forward to!

Yay, thank you! Oh, and I got the email with your new email address. Hope you're doing okay! Any chance you could come visit over here sometime?

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