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Book Signing Day

Went out last night to local Mexican restaurant and had one small on-the-rocks margarita, was immediately tipsy and then fell asleep. The excitement!

eBooks: Finally, Barnes and Noble has the Nookbook of The Siren Depths available.

Book Signing Day: I'm doing a signing at Murder by the Book in Houston today from 3:00 - 4:00 pm for their local authors day. A lot of authors will be signing throughout the day, and if you're out of town, you can use that link to order books and get them personally signed, and the store will ship them to you.

Womanly Pursuits: Someone on Twitter pointed out this comment to me, on a Jezebel article about women authors using male pseudonyms:
One of my favourite fantasy writers is Martha Wells. She just puts so many incredibly clever spins on familiar tropes, and really has a knack for snappy dialogue and animated characters. I was chatting with one of my husband's new employees a while back who is also a big reader, and when I recommended Death of a Necromancer, he was like, "Oh, I heard of it, but it's a woman's book, right?" After some pressing and some backpedaling on his part, he said he tended to assume books written BY women were always FOR women and thus about things women were interested, though he couldn't really clarify as to what "things" we were supposed to be interested in. He also didn't really have an answer when I asked him if books written by men were then always FOR men.

One of many things women are interested in = serial murder for necromantic purposes.

Review: There was a nice review of The Other Half of the Sky, the anthology I have a story in, which is coming out in a few months. Mimesis is an adventure story about Jade from the Books of the Raksura.

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One of many things women are interested in = serial murder for necromantic purposes.

LOL! That's hilarious...

Sorry I could not be there, this time was health of my son-in -law, so I am in San Antonio.

Loved the book is wonderful.

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