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Okay, house is mostly clean. I have to use the carpet shampooer on our horrible living room carpet, and do a few other things, but that's it. I need to do a bit more wrapping, then that's it. I need to go to the grocery store and buy all the things. We're having five people for dinner, and I'm making ham, ham gravy, garlic-braised green beans, sweet baked beans, stuffing, and buttermilk cornbread. Yes, it is a carb- and bacon-heavy menu.

Jack has started to do a thing where he jumps from the kitchen counter onto my shoulders. Occasionally he bites me in the ear at this point. I'm starting to get used to it.

The Serpent Sea is in a cover battle quarter final with King of Thorns by Mark Lawrence, but I think I'm losing.

Oh, and there is still Raksura discussion going on in this post here.

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When I voted in the cover battle just now (for you, of course), I was pleased to see that you are now winning, if only by a small margin. 215 votes to 204...

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