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Atlantis Dark

Halfway Out of The Dark

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone

Also, happy Successful Story Upload to everyone doing the Yuletide Fanfiction Challenge!

Today I need to catch up on the writing I didn't get done yesterday while I was cleaning the house. Our first friend who's staying for Christmas is coming in tomorrow.

I want Rice Krispie treats. The good kind that they have at Disney, that are bigger than your head.

* Writer Teresa Frohock is doing a Gender Bending Challenge
Last week, a group of us were talking about whether readers make automatic assumptions about the contents of a novel when they see a woman's name on the cover. Part of this has to do with the Guardian article that talked about women taking male pseudonyms in order to trick male readers into reading their novels. The other part has to do with my own experience using my real (read: female) name when publishing Miserere and some of the assumptions that were made about Miserere's themes.

I question whether readers can really tell if a book is written by a man or a woman based on the prose alone.

* I love everything Richard Curtis does, so here are some vids for musical interludes this Friday: From Love Actually Hugh Grant Dancing in Downing Street and The Wedding Scene

and a deleted scene from Pirate Radio: Push Three Buttons for the Meaning of Life

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(Deleted comment)
Happy solstice and good luck with the writing :D

I'm curious now, though, since you mentioned Yuletide (<3!) - I know you won't read fic for your own works (quite understandably)!, but do you still engage much with that aspect of fandom at all?

I still look for fanfic when I have time, usually SGA or Doctor Who, more recently Avengers. And sometimes people on my flist will rec things that sound interesting.

Have you tried Methods of Rationality at http://www.hpmor.com/ ?

I haven't read that one, though I have read a couple of long HP stories that I really enjoyed.

"I question whether readers can really tell if a book is written by a man or a woman based on the prose alone."

Weird little data point:

Honestly I tend not to pay much attention to whether a book has been written by a man or a woman. Broadly speaking, though, most of my favorite male characters (protagonists and/or narrators) from fantasy adventures have been written by women. That includes several from your own work, as well as Barbary Hambly, Anne Rice... There are others, but that's right off the top of my head. I suspect... though I'm on much shakier ground, here... that male authors tend to be more interested in writing about characters who are the strongest, most powerful, or most skilled {at something}, which quality often drives the plot; whereas female authors tend to be less interested in showing how puissant their characters are, and more interested in how they solve problems or deal with their circumstances.

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