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Sinus Headache City

We're having another warm front come through before the next cold front, so my sinuses are not happy. It's the abrupt weather changes that causes the pressure and headaches. I did get to the grocery store this morning and got the rest of everything that I need (I hope), plus some stuff that we don't need but we'll eat anyway (chocolate cream puffs).

Today I need to clean up the front yard again (the wind storm we had the other day pretty much undid almost everything I did earlier) and I'll try to avoid the fire ants this time.

I want to thank everybody who's left reviews so far at Amazon and B&N and other online retailers (or GoodReads or LibraryThing) for The Cloud Roads, The Serpent Sea, and The Siren Depths! It really does help a huge amount, (especially on Amazon, where number of reviews controls how the book is recommended in their system), and it's the only advertisement the books are going to get. So thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

And if you're new here, all the free short stories on my web site are listed here. And the Raksura fan art and extras are here.

And there's some really excellent discussion still going on in this post here about Raksuran gender and sexual politics, and their court politics and interactions.

And The Serpent Sea made it into the semi-finals of the Ranting Dragon cover battle!

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This reminds me. I need to write a review for The Siren Depths.

Also? I tell everyone to Buy Your Books. (Because they are so good.)

I hear you about the headaches. . .

Apropos of nothing other than gifting oneself for the holidays, I bought myself all three books at Bookpeople here in Austin (while ostensibly shopping for others, wups) and cannot express how much I love everything about them - the characters, the world, the sheer gorgeous imagination of them all. Off to post reviews!

Oh cool, very glad you enjoyed them! :)

I just discovered and plowed through the Raksura books in three days. I hope you're going to write more about them! I left a review at Amazon which I posted on Facebook.

Was Moon's original name Ashe? Because I found the name Ashe used when you seemed to mean Moon in chapters 6 and 15 of the Cloud Roads. I was guessing you changed the name.
Re sinus headaches, most people have been misdiagnosed with sinus when they are actually having migraines--migraines respond to changes in pressure. My mom was misdiagnosed for many years and so was I. http://www.webmd.com/migraines-headaches/news/20030318/sinus-headache-symptoms-migraine Some treatments for sinus headaches will make migraines worse and more frequent so it's good to figure out which! Plus with migraines if you figure out triggers (other than weather changes) you can sometimes reduce frequency.

Thank you very much! I don't know right now if I'll be doing any more books, but I am contracted to do four ebook novellas about the Raksura starting next year.

No, he was never named Ashe. That's weird, I'm not sure why that should be in there.

Yes, I'd heard that before. I think these are just sinus headaches. I've had an actual migraine once, and these aren't nearly as bad as that was.

Migraines vary in intensity and you can even have them without pain--pain is just one possible component of a neurological event. You can also get them without aura and without nausea, which used to add to misdiagnosis since everyone used to assume that had to be part of it. Apparently true sinus headaches are more rare and usually involve an infection. Either way, OUCH.

I've had migraines I could work through and migraines that sent me right to bed in a dark room so they do vary widely. Throbbing pain on one side is a key symptom. Sometimes I have pain behind the eyes. I've had sinus infections with headache and there is a lot of similarity though. I can see why there's so much confusion.

That is odd that Ashe would just show up. I only noticed it twice and only on my second read-through.

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