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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Nero Wolfe

Shopping and Cops

One of the friends who is doing Christmas with us got here on Saturday night, and yesterday we went shopping. (The university is out, so most of the town is relatively quiet.) We went to a discount store, went out to lunch, and then to a couple of the local artsy places in the historic downtown, that usually aren't open on Sundays. Then we decided to go to an antiques store that's having a big going out of business sale. After a couple of misses we found the right store, and as we drove up we thought it was closed because the small parking lot was empty. But we stopped to check and see if it was open, since half the places we'd gone to already had "closed Sunday" signs and were open anyway. We tried the door and it was open, but nobody was inside. The lights were on in the office, but no people. After standing there and yelling hello for a while, my friend went into the dark back rooms of the store, and I stood by the door in case murdering happened and someone had to run out into the street screaming. But there was no sign of anybody.

So we went outside and called the police, and a couple of minutes later two cop cars showed up. They searched the place again, and then came out and said they didn't think it had been robbed, because the computer was still there, and there was money on the counter. (I did wonder later if someone else had found it open but empty and shopped anyway, leaving the money on the counter for what they took, like it was one of those pick-your-own-fruit places with the money box and a scale.) The cops also said the handle lock on the door was kind of tricky, so they thought whoever had closed it on Saturday might have just messed up and thought it was locked when it wasn't. So that was that, and we fled to Barnes and Noble.

After that, we went home and had hamburgers and watched two of our Christmas movies (Love Actually and The Avengers). Today I'll make stuffing for tomorrow, and hopefully we'll continue our tradition of going out to eat at a really good Japanese restaurant.

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Love Actually and The Avengers. What a perfect Christmas lineup. I like the way you think, Martha... it shows up in your stories.

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