Martha Wells (marthawells) wrote,
Martha Wells

Post-Holiday Report

I'm back, sort of. Not that I actually went anywhere. We've had one friend staying with us all this week, and two more friends who came up for Christmas day. We had a big dinner of ham, gravy, stuffing, garlic-braised green beans, baked beans, and then pumpkin pie and peppermint brownies. Then we sat around and watched Muppet Christmas Carol, then the Christmas Doctor Who episode, which I loved. Since then we've been watching movies, the last episode of Leverage, and eating leftovers. I thought I had a head cold yesterday, but today it looks like it was just a bad allergy attack. We've also had cold rain and low temps, but no ice.

I've managed to stick to my writing goal, which is really good, as the Star Wars book is due by January 31. I should hopefully be done with the first draft in the next ten days or so, then be able to get a bunch of revision done before I send it in.

For Christmas I got some DVDs, including the fourth season of Psych and a Poirot movie set, and I got Carla Hall's new cookbook. In our experience, UPS really dropped the ball on delivering stuff on time, while the post office came through with flying colors. I got a last minute online coupon for Barnes and Noble, so I ordered a DVD set for my husband. I selected the option that usually means UPS delivery, but a bit later got a notice saying they had switched it to the post office. Despite being last minute, it got delivered by Christmas eve, while we have a UPS package that has ordered much earlier and has basically been sitting in a UPS warehouse for five days and may eventually wander down here when they get around to it.

There may be some weirdness with LJ comments, because I've found a couple of places where I'm sure I posted an answer to a comment, and now it's not there. LJ is clearly trying to gaslight me, not knowing it's basically way too late for that.

Random Things:

The Raksura books made it to one top ten list here at the Cultural Gutter, yay! Along with some other great books.

Diana Pharaoh Francis' new book Blood Winter is out and she's posted the first chapter here.
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