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Dr. Orpheus

Saturday at the Haunted Restoration Hardware Mansion

Saturday I was in Houston for a little bit. I had wonderful shrimp and grits for lunch, and then we went shopping (I found a frame for the Terri Windling print I got for Christmas) and then we visited the Haunted Restoration Hardware Mansion.

We weren't that keen to visit it because everything in it is too expensive to buy but it was blocking our way to the cupcake store. I wish I had taken a picture, because seriously. The Disney Haunted Mansion looks less like a haunted house than this place. It's three stories tall, with the top story that is mostly open terraces, and the style is sort of Craftsman. I know that sounds good, but the outside is all in shades of black and slate gray, so the effect is more like "this is the house where that guy murdered all those people with an ax" instead of wow, that's a nice Craftsman style.

Inside it's the same, with everything mottled black or gray or bone white, including all the furniture. It's like a production of The Seventh Seal or the original Nosferatu is about to break out. And this includes the baby furniture. (The baby/children's section is separate from the rest of the store and is a narrow high-ceilinged corridor with little cubbies off it. It looks like the part of the haunted attraction you have to run through or or people will jump out and grab at you.) The top floor with the terraces and all the outdoor furniture should be really nice, but with the color scheme it's like, imagine Spain in the spring or summer. Now imagine a horrible energy/soul-eating cloud descended and sucked out all the light and color and life, and now it's Dead Ghost Spain.

This is kind of sad, because it used to be less expensive, and also sold furniture and cool things that were in 30s and 40s styles. Even at Dead Ghost Spain store, there's still one room that had furniture sort of designed to look like it was made of old plane parts, and it was actually kind of attractive.



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What a great post! I can totally see this place.

I really wish I'd thought to take a picture.

I think "Dead Ghost Spain" should be my new band name.

I would love to go furniture shopping in The Seventh Seal. Seems like the perfect place for fiction to spring from.

That place sounds amazing!

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