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Had a very anxiety-ridden day yesterday, for no good reason. Then late in the afternoon went to a party, met up with a friend, and went into downtown Bryan to take photos. There are a lot of old battered and restored, and partially restored buildings, so there are a lot of good backgrounds. Especially if you want to take film noir style photos. (Though at one point it was like, watch out for the train! And the fireants! And the machine making the hissing noise!)

We went into the lobby of the La Salle and asked if we could take photos, and they said, "Sure!" As we walked around downtown, we found group after group taking photos. It must have been a good day for it, or something. Anyway, we had a good time.

The La Salle

Carnegie Library in Downtown Bryan
This is the view of the Carnegie Library from the La Salle

Once Katie the photographer sends them to me and we pick out which ones we like, I'll post them here.

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Can't wait to see the new author photo ;o)

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