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Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Forest -Kashyyk

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* I'm working on a short Raksura story to put on my web site, sparked by a couple of suggestions in blog comments.

* I'm planning to release the ebook of The Death of the Necromancer on February 19.

* And the Arcs of Emilie and the Hollow World showed up in the Strange Chemistry offices:



The Indiegogo for the Oglala Lakota Healthy Start Program for Pine Ridge Reservation is open again! http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/268593 Please share.


I had fun with the Pulp-o-Mizer and the Books of the Raksura



* The Revenge of Margaret Brundage, 'The Queen of the Pulps'

* You, Too, Can Make It Work: Teaching Tips from Tim Gunn

* Timbuktu's art of saving its manuscripts

* Book rec: The Crow God's Girl by Patrice Sarath is available in ebook again on Smashwords. In this standalone novel of the Gordath Wood series by Patrice Sarath, a 21st century teen navigates the dangers of a treacherous fantasy world.

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w00t! I have already pre-ordered Emilie.

Yay! This year is going so fast already, I can't believe it'll be out in just a couple of months.

I'm hoping to get Death of the Necromancer onto my tablet as soon as possible. :)

And I just love that cover of Emilie and the Hollow World.

Oh, FANTASTIC! So excited for a new Raksura story!

do you know how much Death of the Necromancer is selling for?

I just checked Amazon (amazon.ca as i'm Canadian) and Death of the Necromancer is going for from $15.98 (used, mass market) to $171.27 (new, no binding info). I'm so glad the official eBook is coming out!

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