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John - hot

Some More Things

We were planning to go to the Sherwood Forest Faire this weekend, but Troyce fell in the grocery store parking lot and borked his knee, so we're not sure if we can go or not. Hopefully we'll still be able to.

* Next weekend, February 15-17, I will be at ConDFW in Dallas, Texas. Jo Walton is the guest of honor.

* If you're looking for a paperback copy of The Cloud Roads, there's a few used/nearly new ones available on Abe Books.

* Also, if you read The Cloud Roads from your public library and they haven't gotten The Serpent Sea or The Siren Depths yet, you may need to request that the library get them. Most libraries will have a little form you can fill out, either at the desk or online, or you can ask the librarian. The last two books weren't reviewed in Library Journal, and The Siren Depths wasn't reviewed by Publishers Weekly either, so while lots and lots of libraries got The Cloud Roads, very few got the other two books. Even if the library can't order them, it may be able to borrow them from another library so you can read them.

* The Con or Bust Fundraiser auction starts tomorrow, February 9. Con or Bust helps people of color/non-white people attend SFF conventions. There are now tons of cool fun things to bid on. Signed books, ARCs, role-playing games, pretty knitted things, baked goods, jewelry, critiques, etc. I've entered Signed copies of the three Books of the Raksura in trade paperback: The Cloud Roads, The Serpent Sea, and The Siren Depths Go forth and bid (tomorrow, February 9, when the auction starts!)

Have a lovely Doctor Who vid for the weekend: Tenth Doctor: The Musical

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Okay, I admit it. That was cute. The Tenth Doctor: The Musical thing. :)

How long ago was the knee borked? I'm assuming you've applied ice. If it's at least halfway supportive, and if you can get a staff of some sort... Remember, for the knee, if it's on the left, you use the right hand, and vice versa. Yes, my knee's been well and fully borked since 1995. It's sort of a tripod thing - when the bad leg moves, the staff goes with it, as an added support, and then the good leg, and if climbing stairs, good goes before bad, and reverse (bad before good) descending them.

(Deleted comment)
Eek! Thanks for reminding me that Sherwood is open now... I am trying to hermit to finish my dissertation, but I could probably make a one day exception >.>

I find it really relaxing out there, much more so than the bigger Renfair.

Yeah - I also find there are fewer really commercialized vendors (come look at our cheap crappy swords made by under-paid overseas workers!), but still a lot of cool stuff to look at. And better jousting :D I like their site a lot too, and it does feel more relaxed over all. Hopefully I can wrangle some folks out there for a day... If I do finish up this term, it might be my last shot!

That musical brightened my mood for today. :)

My copy of The Siren Depths arrived today, courtesy of an Amazon gift card that I got for filling out online surveys. I am pleased! I am not going to start reading it until after I finish the library books that must be returned on time though.

Yay, glad you were able to get a copy!

The Winnipeg Library system has copies of all 3 Raksura books. But then, I know one of the people who works there, and she'd be likely to make sure...

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