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Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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New Interview

I got interviewed on Roqoo Depot: http://roqoodepot.com/2013/02/08/our-interview-with-martha-wells/ a bit about the upcoming SW book, the Raksura books, fandom, fanfiction, and so on.

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REALLY looking forward to the Leia book!

That was a very nice interview. Also, I'm working on promoting your backlist in my own circles and was wondering, is there any international limitation on the ebook rights? Not everyone I know is in the US, and we have all run into the US/UK/Canada/Europe problem, creating flashbacks to BTVS region-hell...

Re: REALLY looking forward to the Leia book!

Thank you! I don't think there's any limitation. They're available at all the overseas Amazons, (de, ca, uk, it, es, etc) and also Kobo sells to Australia, Canada, Europe, etc.

Re: REALLY looking forward to the Leia book!

Wonderful! (I still have hope of movies someday--if they made a steampunk 3 Musketeers, why not a magepunk one?)

Great interview! I was fascinated by your description of the idea-process for The Cloud Roads; somehow I'd always thought the characters came first, and then the world developed around them. Very cool to read your explanation of how it actually worked.

Also, on a first date last week I was discussing books and happened to endorse the Raksura books as some of the best fiction I'd read recently. At the second date this week, the fellow announced that he'd read The Cloud Roads and was halfway through The Serpent Sea, and loved them both. He texted me this week to say that he'd just finished The Siren Depths and thoroughly enjoyed them all. He has good taste in books; I might give him a third date...

Oh cool! I hope it works out. :)

So that's how the idea process for forming The Cloud Roads went. Wonderful insight. :)

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