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I feel like I have a hangover without having gone through the fun part first. It's allergies, so there's not much I can do about it and still stay conscious.

* There is a GoodReads giveaway for Emilie and the Hollow World by me, which is coming out on April 2.

* There's an article in the local newspaper on the Cushing Library's Deeper Than Swords exhibit, and George R.R. Martin's appearance here in March.

* Free fantasy story at Black Gate: Life on the Sun by C.S.E. Cooney
In the hottest driest month of the year, to the hottest driest city in the Empire of the Open Palm, a long and endless winter night had come… as the Army of Childless Men marched upon the desert city of Rok Moris, home of the Bird People.

* I needed kitten pictures yesterday so I posted my own: Tasha as a Kitten, and Tasha now. (I have a tumblr if you like to tumbl.)

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I've already entered into the giveaway. :)

How is tumblr? I've never really been into the whole blogging thing until recently. (Well, I've followed several blogs, just haven't really thought about blogging myself.)

It can be a lot of fun, especially for posting/finding photos and art.

I am sorry about your allergies! And thank you for the link - again!

I got an ARC for Emilie, and I have to say, I adored it. It's on the cart for the next order at our library, so I can push it relentlessly at every middle-grade child I can find (and many teens. And some adults.)

I loved the sheer old-fashioned breathless adventure of it, and I LOVED that there wasn't any stupid, goopy romance (except between Rani and Kenar, who were clearly the most awesome married couple of all time, so that's where it should have been.)

::thumbs up::

And now, I'm ready for Emilie's next adventure. ::waits patiently::

Thank you so much, that's awesome! I'm so glad you liked it! I've been very nervous about what people would think about it.

I'm working on the second one now. :)

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