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Element of Fire cover

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I'm at ConDFW! It's a new hotel this year, and very nice. I didn't do much last night except do my reading and hang out and talk to people.

If you're a Kobo person, you can preorder The Death of the Necromancer there now. It will also be on Kindle and Nook (and I did submit it a bit early so it would work it's way through the systems by Tuesday, so you may want to check if it's showing up there yet.)

The first chapter and more info about the book is on my website here.

The other cool news is that I got a formal invitation by the Dean of University Libraries to go to the exhibit preview and dinner for the Deeper Than Swords event with George R.R. Martin at Cushing Library TAMU. It came with a little metal replica sword, too! So I'm pretty excited about that.

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You should be excited! That's fantastic news all around :D I'm looking forward to picking up Death of the Necromancer (and kicking myself for not getting it all those years ago when I first got City of Gold).

DotN is available on Kindle now! Just picked up a copy.

Just nabbed Death of the Necromancer on Kindle! Looking forward to reading it as a welcome respite this weekend. :)

Cool, thank you! I hope you have a relaxing weekend.

This is a pleasant surprise! Just picked up Death of the Necromancer along with The Element of Fire for my tablet's Kindle app. :D

Death of the Necromancer is showing up for sale right now in the Nook store.

BOUGHT! I was waiting to add that to my favourites in ebook

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