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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Dr. Orpheus

(no subject)

So far this morning the foundation repair people got here, I hastily moved some potted plants out of the way, broke one, and cut the crap out of my hand, go me. It bled like crazy but I can still type, so it's not actually that bad.

We got back from ConDFW yesterday, and we had a great time at the con. Jo Walton and Bryan Stelfreeze were the guests of honor. Both the panels I was on were really fun, even the one where I had to be moderator because the original moderator had to cancel. It was in a new hotel, which was really nice. There wasn't any food places within walking distance but if you drove a little way back to the next main road, there were tons. Thai, Tex-Mex, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Brazilian, Lebanese, basically everything you could think of. We had breakfast Sunday at the Cafe de Brazil, and I had eggs and chicken empanadas with the best tomatillo sauce ever.


Serious thing:

There are less than four days for the Indegogo fundraiser for Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation Healthy Start program. From their updates: 4 Oglala Lakota babies died on Pine Ridge last month (January 2013.) None of the moms were enrolled in Healthy Start due to lack of transportation. With more staff, this could have been prevented.

By contributing $5, $10, $20, any amount to this, people can materially help stop things like that from happening. If you can't contribute, you can help by passing the word on and linking to the fundraiser. More links help keep it up towards the top of the Indegogo list: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-save-lakota-babies-lives


Fun Things:

The GoodReads giveaway for Emilie and the Hollow World is still going. If you want to check out the first chapter, it's on my web site here. It comes out on April 2.

The Death of the Necromancer will officially be released as an ebook tomorrow, but it's starting to show up in a few places already. Now my entire backlist is available in ebook, and that's a huge relief.

Black Gate: Teaching and Fantasy Literature: Weird Things My Students Have Been Told About Writers by Sarah Avery

Now I have to go because people are drilling on the outside of my house.