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The Death of the Necromancer ebook and The Siren Depths AudioBook

Two things!

First, which I just found out myself, The audiobook of The Siren Depths is now available on Audible.com, narrated by Christopher Kipiniak. It's just gone up on Audible, so it should be also available on Amazon and iTunes once the listing has a chance to get updated in their systems.

Second, The Death of the Necromancer is now available in ebook.

Cover designed by Tiger Bright Studios.

The Death of the Necromancer was my third novel. It came out in hardcover in 1998 from Avon Eos and later in paperback. My agent had originally offered it to Tor Books, who had published The Element of Fire and City of Bones, but after looking at the first two hundred pages, my editor at Tor turned it down. It was published by Avon and ended up on the final ballot for the 1998 Nebula Award.

It's a dark fantasy/adventure/mystery, set in the same world as The Element of Fire but a few hundred years later. Like the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy (The Wizard Hunters, The Ships of Air, The Gate of Gods), it's a world that had gaslight and trains and was experimenting with electicity, long before steampunk was popular. I wrote it because it was the kind of book I wanted to read and couldn't find anywhere.

This is the book with Reynard, from the Don't Let Then Take Your Reynards essay. And if you've read the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy, this is the book with Tremaine's parents, Nicholas and Madeline.

It did really well, but Avon Eos was eventually bought by HarperCollins, which let The Death of the Necromaner go out of print around 2002-2003, before The Wizard Hunters came out, even though the books were set in the same universe.

The first chapter is on my web site here.

It's available at Barnes and Noble NookBook, Kobo, Amazon US Kindle, Amazon UK Kindle, Barnes and Noble UK, Kindle Canada, Kindle Germany, Kindle France, Kindle Spain, Kindle Italy, and should be DRM-free.

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Death of the Necromancer was the first book I read by you, and I still love it and re-read it when I need a old friend.

Oh cool, that's really nice to hear. :)

Hooray audiobook! *runs off to get it right now*

(Deleted comment)
Thank you!

Yeah, I wish there'd been at least one more.

Looking forward to reading Death of the Necromancer. I'm halfway through City of Bones and I am loving the characters and world. And I'll be downloading The Siren Depths later today, after having listened to the first two in the series as well. I didn't get into your books until The Cloud Roads came out and having your backlist readily available as ebooks has been great (even though I love mass market paperbacks for some reason).

Thank you! I like the paperbacks, too. So many fond memories wrapped up in them from the bookstore I used to go to when I was growing up, I guess.

I'll be sure to get into it once I've finished The Element of Fire. :)

Hooray! My paperback copy has been re-read often enough that it's looking pretty battered. Now I can put it on my Magic Book!

I cannot believe how cheap it is. What a bargain!

I decided that's about the right price for a reprint.

Now that I'm back to visiting Ile-Rien, I have a dumbass question. How do you pronounce "Ile-Rien"?

Just picked up The Siren Depths on audible! love being able to listen to Stone's wit. "He argues period, are you sure you want him?"

I had a similar experience. Read The Death of the Necromancer, absolutely loved it, rushed out to find more of your stuff, and wound up on something of a treasure hunt since unfortunately several of your older books had become unavailable or very difficult to find. I never found a copy of Element of Fire for less than several hundred dollars (online) until the recent reprint. It's also the novel of yours I've revisited most, and the news that it's now available as an ebook means I will be adding that edition to my collection...now.

Cool, thank you! The high prices on the used books were one of the reasons I wanted to do the reprints.

Time to go look for coins in the couch

Because this is one of my favorite fantasies ever. I want this on my kindle badly.

Re: Time to go look for coins in the couch

Thank you!

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