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Atlantis - dark sky outline

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If you missed it, yesterday The Death of the Necromancer officially became an ebook and The Siren Depths was released in audiobook. Yay!

Also yesterday, we got foundation work done and our house was leveled. This is a pretty common problem for this area, which has clay soil that is extremely mobile. All old houses tend to have cracks in the walls, but after the droughts we'd been having and the rain we've had lately, our house (which is about 45-46 years old) was developing new ones. When the foundation guy came to look at it, we found out it wasn't as bad as it seemed, at least for this area. One side of the house was drooping about an inch and a half, but we decided to go ahead and take care of it, because it's a two story house with a large chimney on the drooping side, walls that aren't straight and a second story that doesn't quite match the first story, and basically we figured drooping on one side is not doing it any good.

(Also, not long after we moved in we had new siding put on the second story, and the siding guy told us he thought the chimney would separate and fall off the house sometime in the next twenty years, so we always worried about the chimney. But Jason the really good contractor told us he thought the chimney was a little mobile due to the droughts but he really didn't think it was going anywhere without the rest of the house. Since Jason was the one who found and fixed the chimney-related hole in the roof that no one else had been able to see let alone fix for about twelve years, that was reassuring. (We knew the hole was there because the ceiling leaked whenever it rained.) So it was nice to have it confirmed by the foundation guy that the chimney was fine. I just hope leveling the house hasn't reopened the Mystery Hole again.)

So on Monday they dug giant holes all around the foundation on two and a half or so sides of the houses, and inserted columns and jacks. (Apparently many houses in this area have long thingys down there, which can cause problems when the ground changes, but our house had short thingys which made it more mobile, which prevented it from sinking more. So basically the house has been strolling leisurely around the yard instead of being dragged down into the ground like everybody else's house.)

Yesterday they leveled it, which made a whole array of cool noises, especially since I was upstairs on the drooping side. It's basically loud thunk - loud creak = whole house shudders. Repeat. But now it's level and the holes are filled in, and the place on the second floor where you could feel the top of the wall through the floor is no longer big enough to trip over.

I do have to move some of the leftover dirt around, because trying to be helpful the foundation guys piled it on some exposed tree roots, obviously believing that the roots shouldn't be exposed and not knowing the tree does that on purpose. (This is why they're foundation guys and not landscapers.)

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"This is why they're foundation guys and not landscapers."

See, this is why you need a proper batch of Druids to fix your foundation. Not only would they know better, but they could use the tree roots to fix the foundation!

Re: Foundation Druids

That would be awesome. Also, it would probably look really pretty, with the roots all entwined and lifting up the house.

I'm so glad you've got Jason! Good, honest contractors are worth their weight in gold.

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