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Martha Wells

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Links and Book Recs

* The 2012 Nebula and Andre Norton Award Nominees were Announced. Congrats to all the nominees!

* Nerd's Eye View: Once I Traveled Alone Sarai Sierra, a 33 year old woman from New York City, was killed in Istanbul while traveling alone. When NBC news posted the story, commenters responded that women should not travel alone. That men should not murder did not seem to be part of the equation.

* Karen Lord: Writer From Another Culture Culture resembles light. It is only invisible in a vacuum (the deep darkness of space), and it reveals itself by illuminating whatever it touches (the brightness of dust motes in a ray of sunlight). Most authors write in a vacuum, immersed in the familiar, the commonplace, drenched in culture so pervasive that it can only be noticed when it is bouncing off foreign objects. Words are the medium, and so language is the first foreign object illuminated. I'm always fascinated at the editing process between American English, British English, and Caribbean English. The American publishers convert my spelling; the British publishers check my grammar, and some words and phrases I avoid completely because the likelihood of misunderstanding is too great. I write imaginary worlds with their own dialect and slang, which makes editing even more interesting.

* IO9: How One Man's Lies Almost Destroyed the Comics Industry His bestselling 1954 book The Seduction of the Innocent convinced parents and politicians alike that comics were a direct cause of violence, drug use, and homosexuality among young people. It led to the restrictive editorial code issued by the Comics Magazine Association of America, and a national movement to keep comics away from children and teens.

Though Wertham claimed his evidence came from thousands of case studies, it turns out that he was lying. A new investigation of Wertham's papers by University of Illinois information studies professor Carol Tilley has revealed that the psychiatrist fabricated, exaggerated, and selectively edited his data to bolster his argument that comics caused antisocial behavior. Here is what Tilley discovered, and why it still matters today.


* Poem: In Your Despair, Be Mindful by C.S.E. Cooney
friend, in your despair
remember and be mindful
the torment of our work
shall also bless us

* New YA: Bereft by Craig Laurence Gidney
Rafael Fannen is a 14-year old boy who has won a minority scholarship to Our Lady of the Woods, an all male Catholic college preparatory school. Winning the scholarship quickly turns into a nightmare, as Rafe has to deal with the racism of his fellow students. Things quickly spin out of control when he is targeted by a vicious bully.
"Gidney has crafted a beautifully assured and insightful debut novel detailing the heightened surreality and emotionalism of teenage life. This book is full of heartbreak, humor, and most importantly a deep humane sense of empathy."--William Johnson, editor, Lambda Literary Review and publisher of Mary Literary Quarterly

* The new cover for Linda Nagata's reprint of her novel Memory is gorgeous

* I'm really enjoying Bones of the Old Ones by Howard Andrew Jones, the new Dabir and Asim fantasy/adventure/mystery set in the 8th century Muslim caliphate.

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