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Fantasy Fans: Where’s Your Outrage?
If you didn’t know, something relevant to your genre happened last night. Beasts of the Southern Wild, a fantasy film I’ve been raving about, got nominated for four different Oscars — yeah, they didn’t win any last night, but getting nominated is still awesome. One of those nominations was for the film’s star, Quvenzhané Wallis, who also made history for being the youngest-ever Oscar nominee. She’s 9 years old.

Here’s the part that happened last night: half of Hollywood decided that it hated her.

It includes a link to the article on the Atlantic Wire: No One Liked The Onion's Quvenzhane Wallis 'Joke'
The Onion is a routinely funny, usually quick-witted satirical newspaper, but needless to say it did not go over well last night when they called the 9-year-old Oscar-nominee Quvenzhane Wallis the c-word.

Change.org: Demand an Apology From the Onion

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They have apologized, although I for one am not appeased. Hopefully, this will cause some folk to take a good hard look at their kneejerk "oh this will be funny at someone else's expense" instincts.

Then again, considering the level of hosting at last night's Oscars, maybe not. *sigh*


(warning: Do NOT read the comments. Too many people with very bad spelling seem to think the Onion has ever right to say whatever they want because "it was funny.")

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I didn't watch it, but so many people online were so excited to see it, then it was like it just repeatedly punched them in the face.

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