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John and Teyla - Uh Oh

Martha's Plumbing Adventure Part 3

So, here we are. When the first plumber came on Thursday, he said basically that the first thing they wanted to try was to dig down to the pipe from outside, because the other option was to cut it off and re-route it, and that would be very invasive. Actually, he said, "that would be...very invasive."

We ended up having to go with option 2, very invasive. First they pulled the panel off the weird plumbing column while we (or at least me) hoped the leak would magically appear in the easiest spot to get to it, but it did not. Then they had to cut two holes in the walls (one under the kitchen sink and one under the half bath sink) to find the manifold. (One of the best things I think you could have in this kind of disaster is a plumbing map of your house - this house is about 44-45 years old, and they did things differently back then. They were wildly original about building things, let's say.) They thought they could just re-route the new pipe through the ceiling where it should have been in the first place, but then they realized the joists were installed in such a way (a non-standard, bizarre way) as to render this impossible.

Seriously, it was like every time they came up with a plan, the house morphed to stop them. So they are having to cut a pathway of holes across the living room ceiling toward the half-bath. I've posted photos on Tumblr:

Share My Pain Visually

And it's worse

They didn't finish last night, but they did fix it so we have hot and cold water in the kitchen and the one other bathroom. We just can't use the master bath, which is not that big a deal, though we are assured that if anybody turns a faucet or anything else in there Terrible Things Will Happen.



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This is a nightmare indeed! All of our nightmares like this have come from the air conditioner. the most we've had with plumbing is roots down the line. I dearly hope this is less expensive than it looks.

I think we've been lucky up to this point. We've had some problems before but nothing like this.

Oh, wow. You have my sympathies. :-(

Thanks. Yeah, it's a huge pain.

Good grief. This is reminding me of my BFF's ongoing adventures in plumbing. It, too, is an older house, built by someone who took very unique approaches to the plumbing and the wiring.

Yeah, that's the big problem, is that it's old and weird and nothing is designed like it should be.

I can only say that the pictures, bad as they looked on my phone, are far more horrible on the larger computer screen. "Very invasive" is actually an understatement! Your house seems determined to do you in this year--have you considered writing a book entitled "How to Find Out if Your House Is Planning to Kill You"?

This won't make you feel any better, but a few years ago my son's sink was stopped up. (He lives in Austin.) He thought a quick clean-out would do the job. Boy, was he wrong. Before it was all over, there were tunnels dug through solid rock all under the house. Two plumbing companies just gave up and quit. It was nearly a year before things were finally fixed, and the cost as about what Judy and I paid for our first house. Luckily for all concerned, he had great insurance.

Oh wow. At least ours isn't that bad.

That moment when your worst enemy is your own house... seems counter-productive.

(Deleted comment)
It's going to get worse before it gets better, too.

Yikes! What a mess. Still, you're lucky you caught it before it had a chance to do major water/mould damage. I know a couple of people who had a water leak in the foundations of their house which wasn't detected for some while, and it cause a massive growth of toxic mould inside the walls. The house ended up being uninhabitable, and they were both seriously ill for quite some time -- one of them nearly died. Way better to find out about this stuff early...

Yes, it really is. This could have turned out much worse if we'd been away from home when it happened.

Eeek. My sympathies, that sucks. Hope it's fixed quickly and insurance covers it.

I do like the toilet seat note. Very much to the point.

Thanks! Yes, my big fear is that I'll get up in the middle of the night and forget we're not supposed to use that bathroom. :)

In a similar situation I used Duct Tape to ensure that the lid stayed down!

Good Luck.
There ought to be a Patron Saint of Plumbing who we could propitiate.

Yes, I've walked in there at least three times today, so I'm glad I thought of the notes. :)

Thanks, there really ought to be.

Oomph. Let me get this straight - a buried hot water pipe? Is it too early to desecrate the grave of who ever did this to the house?
You have my deepest sympathies as a former plumber's helper and who's dad was a master plumber.
Time to go buy some books. I think you need the money.

Yeah, that's what the plumbers said. The way that one bathroom is plumbed just does not make any sense at all, and it doesn't seem to match the other bathroom.

And thank you!

Ugh-- that looks ghastly. (As my uncle puts it: No, they don't build them like they used to; now they have building codes.)

If it's any comfort, at least your house is new enough not to have the problem my husband ran into a while back where he went to fix a friend's leaking bath tub and discovered exposed knob and tube electrical wiring running right next to the wall with water dripping down it.

Yes, your uncle is exactly right!

Oh wow, that sounds awful. Yeah, at least we don't have to worry about that.

Serious sympathies, and SO glad you caught this quickly. I am permanently sensitized to the sound of running water in the pipes It's a good super talent to have. (Also to bad mold -- an interesting talent, shall we say.)

I've lived in these exciting houses. Which is why I hope to afford newer construction next time I buy something. I have NEVER liked this putting the pipes in the foundation business.

The pictures might not have saved you. I kid you not, I photographed EVERY $#$% pipe in the house we built, just to have a record in case of this kind of nightmare. And then it turned out I missed one slight overlap, so I did not have the right pic for a diagnosis. Fortunately it turned out that the idiot plumber who did the new construction did not break the line seal properly at the end -- he made it into a flip valve, that would cut off without warning. The new plumber was able to break the piece of plastic, and the problem was solved.

But I didn't leave the pics when I sold the place -- too discouraged.

Here are some calming, Zen reeds.

Edited at 2013-03-02 10:38 pm (UTC)

Thanks, I can use them! Yeah, it seems like no matter how much you prepare, it's never enough.

(Deleted comment)
That's about the same age as ours. I think they went through a particularly creative building time about then.

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