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Books for Sunday

Trying to get writing done today plus laundry while we have water, in case anything more goes wrong tomorrow. Also not looking forward to tomorrow, which will be stressful. Insurance guy is coming, plus they're tearing up the rest of that side of the ceiling. If the insurance company will cover it, I will be a lot less stressed out.

The toilet in the must-not-use bathroom made a water rushing noise this morning, but water did not gush from anywhere else in the house. :crossing fingers: :knock on wood:


* Good Man Friday by Barbara Hambly is out. This is the latest in her Benjamin January historical mystery series. The books are set in 1830s New Orleans, and Benjamin is a black surgeon/musician who with his friends fights crime by solving mysteries. Basically, I love this whole series. I haven't started this one yet but it involves traveling to Washington, DC, to find a missing person.

* The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson is new YA SF, and there's an excerpt at NPR Books and a Q and A with the author.

* You can enter this 17 Author Book Giveaway.

* There is a new issue of Indian SF with free short stories.

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The Benjamin Hambly series is one of the few series that I don't care if it goes on forever (normally I love a good ending) cause it's just that good.

Yes, it's one of my absolute favorite mystery series. I also really enjoyed the other historical mystery series she did, about Abigail Adams.

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