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Martha's Plumbing Adventure Part 4

Well, the plumbers are back and should finish sometime later today. They finished opening up a path through the ceiling all across the living room wall, and have got the pipe in. The Insurance adjuster came, and the bad news is all the repairs will probably cost around $8000 - good news is that they will cover about $5000 of it, so this is a huge relief.

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Ouch! Glad the insurance will be covering the majority, even though that is a big bill.

I just bought a home last year and even though it is in good shape, it has been one thing after another -- new furnace, new water heater, new garage roof. Today the garage door opener motor went out, so I need to get a new one of those installed. Luckily we haven't had any plumbing or electrical issues so far...

Yep, it can add up really quickly. We're probably going to need to get a new furnace this year. It was new when we got the house, but that was quite a few years ago and it's now it's elderly.

If it makes you feel any better, a new furnace saves a TON on heating costs if you get one of the 95% efficient models. Though you are in much warmer climes than I...

But I pay less to heat the whole house now than i used to pay to heat a small 2-bedroom apartment.

Huh, that makes me feel a lot better about spending the money to get a new furnace.

I guess it's a semi-yay, then....

Yeah, I think we got as good a deal as we could possibly get, but the 3000 is still going to hurt.

Glad to hear most of it was covered, that was sounding pretty dire!

I'm glad the insurance is earning its pay!

Yeah, it really is a big relief.

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