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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

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Stargate Monuments

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Nominations for the Hugo Awards are closing on March 10.
The first stage, nomination, is open to anyone who has a Supporting or Attending membership in the previous, current, or following year's Worldcon as of January 31. For LoneStarCon 3, this means members of Chicon 7 (the 2012 Worldcon), LoneStarCon 3 itself, and Loncon 3 (the 2014 Worldcon). During this stage, members can nominate any eligible work or person. The nominating period for 2013 is now under way and will close on March 10, 2013.

The Serpent Sea and The Siren Depths are both eligible.

Also if you're going to the San Antonio WorldCon, you might want to make your hotel reservation before the two main hotels get full.

Book Rec:

No Return by Zachary Jernigan. I read this book and gave it a blurb:
"No Return is a rich, diverse, inventive fantasy, in a style that reminds me in some ways of Tanith Lee's Tales of the Flat Earth books. Zachary Jernigan has created a stunningly original world and I can't wait to see where he takes it next."


This is What a Scientist Looks Like Tumblr

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By the way, I don't know how the hell I missed Death of the Necromancer back in '99, but damn (I am a total sucker for manners and magic. Throw in a gentleman thief with a heart of gold, and I'm in heaven.) I bought - and read - it yesterday, bought and read The Element of Fire today, and just finished buying the other three Ile-Rien books. I'm going to be very sad when I get to the last one.

Oh cool, thank you very much! I hope you enjoy the other Ile-Rien books too.

I finished the last Ile-Rien book tonight and now I'm inconsolable because there aren't any more.


Glad you enjoyed them! Yeah, I wanted to write another one, but the publisher didn't go for it. There are a few Giliead and Ilias short stories on my web site, though, that were printed in Black Gate Magazine.

Wah! (Especially because I have questions that weren't answered by the trilogy. Le sigh.)

But yay! for the short stories (on my way to read them!)

I need to double check but I either have or will nominate both. I'm trying floor one of the mini suites since I'll have partner and twin boys with me. We could use the space!

Thank you!

I hope you get the mini suite. Those are in demand for parties, so sometimes it's hard to get one.

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