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I did a post on Black Gate: http://www.blackgate.com/2013/03/13/how-well-does-the-cloud-roads-fit-as-sword-and-sorcery/ on The Cloud Roads as sword and sorcery, and a bit about defining genre too narrowly. My favorite bit:
One of the other elements that doesn’t fit is that in sword and sorcery, a male protagonist often ends up rescuing a princess (or sorceress, or queen or some other woman who needs rescuing) and she is in effect the prize for his success. One of the things Moon discovers when he meets the Raksura is that his position in their culture, determined by their biology, makes him the prize in that scenario.

And I also have guest posts at:

* Angels of Retribution: Names and Naming A post by me on how I name characters, and a bit about names in the Raksura books.

* Eating Authors: Martha Wells This is a post about one of my favorite restaurants.

I saw Oz and was meh about it. It was beautifully filmed, and had some good moments, but I really disliked the characterization of the female characters (it made me really want to see a movie version of Wicked, and I didn't like the mention of Thomas Edison as a hero. If Edison had been there, he would have electrocuted the Munchkins and stolen all their stuff. But if Tesla had been there, with even a tenth of the Tinkers' resources and help, he would have built them a robot army on hovercraft and been leading them in the Iron Man suit. That's how it happens in my head, anyway.

But I loved the new trailer for The Great Gatsby

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I couldn't bring myself to see Oz. Just the premise annoyed me - three powerful women have to depend on a womanizing schmuck to save their world? No. Argh.

The trailer for Gatsby is gorgeous, though, definitely.

I have problems keeping track of sub-genres of genres. Like, I know that within SF/F there is sword-and-sorcery and 'hard' sci-fi, and I get that because one is SF and the other is F, but what (for example) sword-and-sorcery is in comparison to any other type of fantasy, I couldn't explain. I think part of the reason is that I've not run across any specific sub-genre that I like over any other, so it doesn't really help me to remember them as categories.

(Though I do better with mystery sub-genres. At least, I can recognize that there is a category a lot of the time even if I can't remember what it's called. Like, "oh, it's one of those where everything is very cozy and the detective is a homebody who usually just sort of detects accidentally." That's a thing, isn't it? And I do know noir when I see it.)

I know there's too much out now to do it, but I kind of like when everything was just lumped under SF and you just read the description on the back of the book or the flyleaf to decide if it was for you or not. But there's so much coming out now, that would probably be a huge disaster.

Whenever I see really gorgeous art deco in a movie like that, I start really wishing there could be an Ile-Rien movie someday.

I do better with mystery genres too, and they don't annoy me nearly as much. I don't know enough about the field to say, but I do wonder if their genres aren't as codified as SF/F. Like, do mystery writers ever get angry emails because there was an English country house in a book that was marketed as noir? I dunno.

While I do see how someone could make the connection to science fiction, at its core, the Raksura books have always been to me a fantasy series. That's how I entered it, and that's how I came out of it.

But of course, how someone else interprets it is entirely up to them. :)

Yes, I really think it's up to the individual reader to classify it.

I very much like your idea of Tesla in Oz. I'm now picturing him deep in conversation with Tik-Tok.

Tesla in Oz would have been a much better movie.

Moon is so hot.

I read on Amazon that he and Jade have some TROUBLES COMING UP, but I couldn't find a satisfactory SPOILER, so I guess I just have to wait for it. Sigh.

Tesla FTW.

Hee, I hope the library gets it to you soon!

I was happy to see when I checked today that Serpent Sea and Siren Depths are both now 'on order' at my local library, and both each have a hold on them already (not mine!) I guess they did listen to my request :)

Oh cool, thanks for making the request!

Yay Tesla! - Not all of the Epic Rap Battles of History are good, but there's a new one about Edison and Tesa that you might enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ1Mz7kGVf0&list=PLQ-7WiWmOuK-55mfcd_tdcvy-57VMCkOW&index=1

I agree with killalla 100%!

Your version of Tesla in Oz would be awesome! Also, some Epic Rap Battles of History really suck and some are pretty awesome, and Edison vs Tesla is one of the awesome ones.

Thank you! Yeah, that one was pretty awesome.

That was awesome, thanks for the link!

Ah. I thought I was alone in my disdain of Edison. The man was a thief with a great PR campaign. I liked Oz a bit more than you did, just because it was very pretty but I very much hear you on the characterizations. Theodora just made me go, Oh come on!

I think there's been a real movement in past few years to expose the truth about Edison and Tesla, which is awesome.

Yeah, they had to make Theodora dumb and childish to make the plot work, and that really grated.

I wasn't that thrilled about Oz. Jack the Giant Slayer was a much better movie on all counts.

I haven't seen that one yet.

I was pleasantly enough surprised by it to post a review on my blog. http://adventuresfantastic.blogspot.com/2013/03/of-giants-and-beanstalks-and-unintended.html I avoided spoilers in the review, but if you're thinking about seeing it, hopefully I've given you enough information for you to be able to decide if it's for you.

And I liked the Gatsby trailer as well. But I also saw the trailer that was released last year, and it was very different. So I'm a little hesitant about that one.

Font for the gorgeous Books of the Raksura series?


I absolutely love the covers of your Books of the Raksura series. Can you tell me what font the publisher used for the cover?

Re: Font for the gorgeous Books of the Raksura series?

Thank you! The first one by Matthew Stewart won a Chesley Award. I'm afraid I don't know what the font was, and there's no one at the publisher anymore that I can ask. Sorry I couldn't be more help!

Re: Font for the gorgeous Books of the Raksura series?


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