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Deeper Than Swords Event Friday

I messed up the caption on Tumblr, but these two photos are actually from Thursday night, the Cushing library fundraiser dinner. Friends of ours did the table decorations, and they were all themed around the different houses from Game of Thrones.

Friday I got to tag along to lunch with George R. R. Martin and Ty Franck (he writes as James S.A. Corey with Daniel Abraham), Dianne who was Martin's guest host, her husband Scott, and Cait and Todd from Cushing. At the end our waiter asked Martin to sign a book, and I have no idea how he happened to have a book with him since the reservation was in Dianne's name. I think when the waiter realized who was here, he must have called someone to hurry and bring it to the restaurant.

These are from George R. R. Martin’s book signing on Friday afternoon. It was scheduled from 4:00 to 6:00, and people, mostly students, started lining up at 8:15 in the morning. (They wanted to start lining up on Thursday night, but were told they really shouldn’t do that.) The line went down the side of Cushing Library all the way down and around the front of Sterling Evans Library.

This is from the talk and episode screening Friday night. It was held in Rudder Auditorium, a 2500 seat hall. Tickets were free, but had to be requested in person at the Rudder box office, so students and University staff would have a better chance at getting them. The place was packed. We got seats up near the front, in the two rows reserved for people with the VIP badges. While we were waiting for it to start, they let George R. R. Martin peek around the curtain to see the size of the crowd and I think he was a bit shocked. The Dean of University Libraries, David Carlson, spoke briefly (I missed that photo), then Larry Mitchell, the director of Cushing Library, then Cait Coker, curator of the Science Fiction Research Collection. Then George. Then there was a short Q&A with George being interviewed by Todd Samuelson, the curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts for Cushing. (The exhibit was designed and installed by Cait and Todd.) Then they showed the first episode of season 3 of Game of Thrones.

Afterward there was a reception put on by HBO for the staff and the people who had the VIP badges from the fundraiser dinner. Again, the food was incredible. There was a free wine bar plus waiters carrying around plates of appetizers. I wish I was one of those people who take beautiful pictures of food but usually by the time I realize I should take a picture it's already half-eaten. I'd have lots of pictures of half-eaten food and empty plates. There were lamb chops with mint sauce, little bison sliders with fried onions, seared tuna with slaw on crackers (this was probably the tastiest thing of all the tasty things), bacon-wrapped shrimp, beef and sausage skewers, and fruit tarts. It was after 9:00 by this point and we had been on campus since before 4:00, and hadn't had dinner, so we were starving, and pretty much everybody else was too. The waiters were probably wondering why all these university people were eating like starving tigers.

This is the goodie bag from the VIP dinner, the exhibit catalog, and some art cards with John Picacio’s art.

The post with links to the exhibit photos is http://marthawells.livejournal.com/539185.html

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Great evening. Glad you and Troyce got to go!

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