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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Upcoming Books

Books I have coming out:

Emilie and the Hollow World on April 2, next Tuesday.

Untitled Star Wars Novel is coming out this October. It has a blurb now:
Princess Leia Organa is on a mission for the Rebel Alliance when Imperial forces attack. Now she, Han, and Luke are on their own, working with pirates and dealing with traitors as they race the clock to protect the secrecy of a crucial meeting of Rebel conspirators.

and you can preorder it at:
Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, Amazon Canada.

Stories coming out:

I have a Books of the Raksura story about Jade coming out in The Other Half of the Sky anthology, which should be out in April but I don't think is up for preorder yet.

It has a lovely cover:

Book recs:

* The Age Atomic by Adam Christopher comes out in the US today.
"The Age Atomic," out Tuesday, is a sequel to Christopher's equally impressive "Empire State." Both books take place in New York City as well as its parallel but not quite mirror image, the Empire State, a version of Manhattan that exists in an alternate universe. The two versions of the city are linked together by a fissure, a fiery blue portal that allows characters to travel back and forth between universes.

* Cynsations: Author-Illustrator Interview & Giveaway: Demi These are gorgeous picture books for young kids:
The Nightingale and Gandhi have been named The New York Times Best Illustrated Books, and Gandhi also received an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award.

My husband, Tze-si Huang, and I represented the United States of America at the First International Children's Book Conference in Beijing, China, in 1992.

This year, a collaboration called, Master of Zen, Extraordinary Teachings From Hui Neng's Altar Sutra (World Wisdom, 2012), won 2012 USA Best Book in Religion/Buddhism.

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Yes, I saw that! That was really nice.

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