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* Plumbing update: The ceiling and wall holes were filled in last week and are now textured, and waiting to be painted. The wooden column where the pipe was still needs to be put back together, and the area under the kitchen sink repaired, and the moldy carpet replaced. I'm really looking forward to getting rid of the moldy carpet.

* I'm working on revisions for the Star Wars novel, which need to be finished asap, so I might not be around as much.

* Weirdly, and as a complete surprise to me, the paperback of The Cloud Roads seems to be showing up as available or in stock online again in Barnes and Noble, Chapters Indigo, Amazon US, Powell's, Books-a-Million, Book Depository.com, and Amazon.ca.

If anybody has managed to order or receive a copy within the last week or so, please let me know?

* I'm really looking forward to Psych tonight, and Elementary tomorrow, and Doctor Who on Saturday.

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The copy of Cloud Roads that I ordered from Amazon for a friend's Christmas gift shipped last week. Given that I gave her all three volumes as part of her gift, I was very relieved. Now she can read the set.

That's good to hear! I'm hoping that everybody who didn't give up and cancel their order will actually get their copies.

That's awesome! I'm more than satisfied with my e-book of Cloud Roads, but I'm glad the paperback seems to be making its way around again.

And thanks for reminding me that DW started back up again. :)

the two copies i ordered on amazon back in january arrived--one last friday, one today. they did give me the option to cancel at one point but i opted to wait.

Excellent! And I'm glad you waited. :)

I finally got my copy from Amazon after a couple of months delay!

Yay! I'm hoping they were able to fill a lot of orders.

I can't find my "Serpent Sea" and I keep giving away each new copy of "The Cloud Roads" I get and I was just moments ago checking B&N and being pleasantly surprised to find them claiming to have it in stock!


Yes! It's beginning to look like they really did finally reprint it.

ION, I ran across a copy of "City of Bones" at a Half Price Books and snapped it up. I really appreciated the world building. You have a unique way of filling in just enough cultural details to bring entire societies to life without making it feel like I've wandered into an anthropology textbook.

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