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Element of Fire cover

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Last night I made baked flounder with a hollandaise sauce and fried potatoes for dinner, and it was very tasty. I think I will do it again at some point soon.

Also got a really nice reader email about the Raksura books. Very good to read.

Had a couple of links I wanted to pass on:

* The Death of the Necromancer made this list of The Best Fantasy Novels You (Probably) Haven’t Read on Flavorwire! With its brand new ebook cover! (Thanks to Kyle Gillette for letting me know!)

* I think I forgot to link to this earlier (but maybe I linked to it and then forgot that -- it's been that kind of month), but: Rachel Neumeier reviewed The Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy Tremaine is my favorite character EVER! She is right up there with my other favorite-ever characters, like Miles Vorkosigan and Vlad Taltos and Eugenides. She is prickly, sarcastic, ruthlessly practical, sometimes insecure, occasionally suicidal, and doesn’t have a romantic bone in her body. You know that discussion a week or two ago about books with female protagonists but without a lot of romance? This is that book. I mean, there is romance — but it starts late in the series and it is never, but never, a gushy obsessive romance.

* And I posted kitten photos of Tasha on Tumblr.

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completely agree about Tremaine! Too bad there no way to get her into one of the Raksura novels . . . . OK, that's a little silly but I shall miss her when I finish the Ile-Rien novels.

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