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I feel like April Fool's Day is one of those things that used to be fun and is now mostly a source of anxiety and irritation. Or maybe that's just me.

The Hugo and Campbell Award Nominees were announced! Congrats to everybody!

We had brunch yesterday for about four hours. We had so much brunch, we didn't even have dinner later. I think I had a cup of tea while I was watching Amazing Race, and that was it. I loved Doctor Who on Saturday, and even logged off the internet early in the afternoon to avoid all the people posting accidental/maliciously intentional spoilers. I saw a bit of the third Doctor special last night, but we recorded it to watch later. The more I see of the older series (before the new series, I'd watched a lot of the Tom Bakers, Peter Davisons, and Colin Bakers, but hadn't seen really any of the first three) the more interesting to see how many elements they've referenced or pulled forward into the new series.

Tomorrow, Emilie and the Hollow World comes out in paperback and ebook. (I'm not sure when the DRM-free version will show up at the Robot Trading Company but hopefully soon.) Good things to do if you want: adding it to your GoodReads or LibraryThing, or requesting it from your local library.

The trade paperback of The Cloud Roads looks like it's sold out again from Barnes and Noble and BAM and Powell's, but there are still five or six copies listed at Amazon. Hopefully more will show up soon.

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No, I feel exactly the same way. I hate April Fools. This is because I have no sense of humor. Seriously.

Nope, it isn't just you... I find April Fools to be a source of anxiety too.

Thanks for the reminder about Emilie and the Hollow World coming out - I need to order a copy.

I am very excited about Emilie!!

EDIT: I just got an email from Amazon saying it has shipped! :D

Edited at 2013-04-01 05:16 pm (UTC)

I've done, and run across, some fun April Fool's jokes - one year, at an online writing/roleplaying site, I introduced myself as a newly arrived character who happened to be one of the monster races. This was a particularly dualistic milieu, and those sorts of characters had never been allowed because the monster races didn't appear to have the sort of free will that would allow them to choose good over evil. This one - and I was particularly proud of this - was still evil; he'd just read the prophecies and made an absolutely self-centered decision to join the winning side. So I wrote a nice introduction with all this information, and then an opening scene with this monster-character first arriving to present himself at the citadel of The Good Guys...

...At which point the gate guards panicked, the mages reacted in a perfectly sensible and predictable fashion, and my monster-character was incinerated on the spot.

I dunno, it amused me. But as holiday, April Fool's... Eh, I can take it or leave it. This year, I left it.

The big surprise of this year was Easter: it turns out that I'm starting to regard that holiday with the sort of unreserved loathing that I previously held only for the Christmas season.

The third Doctor is very close to my favorite. I got to see Jon Pertwee in person years ago and he was a completely charming man.

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