Martha Wells (marthawells) wrote,
Martha Wells

I signed the first two copies of Emilie and the Hollow World today, for my husband's supervisor's daughters, India and Tysyn. So it was neat for the first signed copies of my YA to do to YA-age people.

Neat news:

* Liz Bourke in her Sleeps with Monsters column on said very nice things about The Element of Fire.

* The Other Half of the Sky anthology (I have a Raksura story in it) got a great Library Journal review: Fearless writing and a broad selection of topics makes this a good choice for fans of woman-centered SF and excellent storytelling. The official release date is April 23 and that's when the ebook version will be available.

Fic recs on Black Gate Magazine:

* Truck Stop Luck by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
“Someone made statues of your family, you’re hauling them around, and you don’t know why,” Mike asked.

“Yeah, I guess,” said Keith.

* The Sorrowless Thief by Ryan Harvey

* Disciple by Emily Mah
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