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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Stargate Monuments

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So among the miasma of bad news, this happened:

Author: Martha Wells

Running away from home never sounded so good, especially when it involves stowing away on a ritzy, cloaked-in-magic ship.

Under the conservative tyranny of guardians who are convinced she’ll become a harlot, 16-year-old Emilie decides it’s time to run away. Inspired by her cherished serial adventure books, she delights in the romance of escape—until she forms blisters, gets hungry and, after spending too much on snacks, can’t afford the ferry ticket to reach her cousin’s home. There’s only one logical thing to do: jump off the docks, swim to the nearest boat and hope for the best. After boarding what she hopes is the right ship, she witnesses a pirate attack, saves a scaled man and watches as a merging of magic and science transports the ship to a legendary world within a world. Competing explorers, a cunning mer-queen regnant, more than one dirigible and plenty of well-aimed punches make for an adventure that would titillate Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Though Emilie’s homeland of Menea is fictional, it has all the makings of Victorian England. As in the Victorian era, sexism is prevalent, but that doesn’t stop a roster of ripsnorting female characters (first among them Emilie) from wielding pistols, captaining ships and slyly defeating enemies. At one point, after escaping a prison cell, Emilie thinks, "If I’d known it was going to be that hard, I’d never have tried," a phrase that embodies the honesty and humor that make this read worthwhile.

A swashbuckling escape for avid readers that trades buttoned-up boundaries for unbridled adventure. (Fantasy. 14 & up)

Kirkus Reviews

ETA: Emilie and the Hollow World first chapter sample.

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(Deleted comment)
Thank you! Yes, I'm very happy about what it's going to mean for library sales.

My copy arrived already!

I'm only about a quarter of the way through the book myself (distracting, real life is distracting), but I agree with the review wholeheartedly so far.


(Deleted comment)
Ack, it got cut out when I copied it! It's from Kirkus.

(Deleted comment)
She's 16? I thought she was 12. She reads like a 12-13 year old (albeit precocious). Huh.

Yes, I'm not sure where they got that.

This is great news - and the praise is very much deserved.

Congratulations! =D

HOORAY!!! Congratulations!

Thanks! I was pretty happy. :)

I'm on page 100. Absolutely love it so far. Stayed up way too late last night 'cause I couldn't stop reading. Can't wait to find out what happens next. Actually, why am I typing when I could be reading...?

Cool, thank you very much!

That's great! I just picked up copy at B&N today! (I had to place an order for it, they claimed it was on the shelves but neither i nor the staff could find it =P)

Now i have to figure out how/where to fit it in to my way too big pile of shame, the book edition =P

Yay, glad you were able to get a copy!

Excellent! I did a link to my happy review -- clearly I need a snippet!

Hope things are better at your end.

That's great news! If I wasn't already swamped in my backlog of other books to read I'd be reading this one right now.

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