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The Other Half of the Sky Anthology

The Other Half of the Sky SF/F anthology is officially out today, which means the ebooks as well as trade paperbacks are now available. I have a Raksura story in it, starring Jade.

You can see reviews, contributors, samples etc here.

Challenging the predominance of male protagonists in sf, each of the 16 stories in this collection features strong, independent female characters and attempts a reconstruction of the genre itself. Freed from many of the male-oriented clichés, the selections present vividly depicted male and female, human and alien characters as fully fleshed individuals coping with a wide variety of issues. Contributors include Alexander Jablokov, Joan Slonczewski, Vandana Singh, Martha Wells, and Jack McDevitt. VERDICT: Fearless writing and a broad selection of topics makes this a good choice for fans of woman-centered sf and excellent storytelling. Library Journal

You can get both the ebook and the trade paperback from the publisher here, and from Barnes and Noble, and the ebook is also at Kobo. The trade paperback is at Amazon and they should have the Kindle version up at some point.


* There's an interview with me here, by Evan Ramspott.

Fic rec:

* Black Gate: The Cremator's Tale by Steven H. Silver

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