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Razor's Edge

The Star Wars novel has a title and cover. It'll be out on October 15.

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This is the coolest thing ever. Seriously. Ever. :D

Awesome title and great cover!

(Deleted comment)

(I can say that, right? Well I'm saying it anyway.)

Will this be the first (non-X-Wing) Star Wars book I'll read since Vector Prime? ...Maybe!

(Deleted comment)
Me too! TBH I totally memorized the novelization in 1979, but I thought Splinter of the Mind's Eye was so dumb I never picked up another one.

That is f'ing awesome!!!!!

Wow. I actually will buy a Star Wars novel. I'm a Trekkie, heh. And I love the fact that they really found a great power pose which usually only men get for Leia, and that her clothes are sensible (and that she does look like Leia, though I doubt whether Carrie Fisher ever modelled in that outfit).

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