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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Links and Book Recs

Black Gate: Sword and Soul Revisited, the small press that publishes fantasy and sword and sorcery set either in historical Africa or secondary worlds with African influences.

Gwenda Bond: Talking it Out on getting stuck, and unstuck, in your writing.

More book recs:

* Cold Steel by Kate Elliott is coming out in late June. This is the third book in the trilogy with Cold Magic and Cold Fire.

* Fall of Night by Rachel Caine, the next book in her Morganville Vampire series.

* Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong a YA graphic novel by Prudence Shen and illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks.
You wouldn’t expect Nate and Charlie to be friends. Charlie’s the laid-back captain of the basketball team, and Nate is the neurotic, scheming president of the robotics club. But they are friends, however unlikely—until Nate declares war on the cheerleaders. At stake is funding that will either cover a robotics competition or new cheerleading uniforms—but not both.

It's only going to get worse: after both parties are stripped of their funding on grounds of abominable misbehavior, Nate enrolls the club's robot in a battlebot competition in a desperate bid for prize money. Bad sportsmanship? Sure. Chainsaws? Why not. Running away from home on Thanksgiving to illicitly enter a televised robot death match? Of course!

* Zenn Scarlett by Christian Schoon.
Zenn Scarlett is a bright, determined, occasionally a-little-too-smart-for-her-own-good 17-year-old girl training hard to become an exoveterinarian. That means she’s specializing in the treatment of exotic alien life forms, mostly large and generally dangerous. Her novice year of training at the Ciscan Cloister Exovet Clinic on Mars will find her working with alien patients from whalehounds the size of a hay barn to a baby Kiran Sunkiller, a colossal floating creature that will grow up to carry a whole sky-city on its back.

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"Forcing yourself to explain a story knot or roadblock to someone else makes you have to explain it to someone else. And often that entails stepping back just enough to be able to see it more clearly. It also engages a different part of the brain, a different kind of thinking. Talking through possible solutions, your reaction to them will often reveal what's important to you about the story, and that is always a good thing to know."

This, except explaining it to myself. :P

Oo, exo-vet! (orders it)

For some reason I've always found those kinds of stories (doctors among the strange and fabulous animals and aliens) endearing.

thanks Martha! from Christian Schoon & Zenn

Hi to Martha & thanks for rec-ing Zenn Scarlett! And also, hi to Tuftears & thanks for ordering the book (it has a tufted-ear little alien in it you might enjoy..).

I generally enjoy your recs, but man, I've been burned by Rachel Caine's Weather Wardens series. There is NO internal consistency of worldbuilding or characterization in those books.

I've also been meaning to ask (and I apologize if this is rubbing salt into the wound), are you one of the authors who was offered the Skyhorse/Night Shade deal? Is there any chance more Raksura books will be published?

If the deal to sell NightShade to Skyhorse goes through, there will be at least four Raksura ebook novellas and maybe more novels. If it doesn't, there won't be any more, ever, and the current Raksura books will be pulped and the rights will be tied up in bankruptcy court for the foreseeable future.

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