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The storms that were coming down through Dallas got here last night. We had huge thunder and lightning and pounding rain, but no hail, at least at our house.

It's doing great things for our garden. On Monday I realized I didn't have a vegetable for a side dish for dinner (over-fried chicken) and went out in the garden and found a squash ready to go. We've already had tons of lettuce and some green tomatoes (which are great fried, sauteed, or baked in pies), and it looks like the okra will be ready soon.

I updated my web site a bit, added the link to the interview with me by Liz Bourke on, plus added a separate page listing the the reprint ebooks I have out for $2.99 so they're easier to find.

Also reposted some of the fan art I've gotten for the Books of the Raksura on tumblr.

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I like the fan art. How accurate is it to the way you imagine the characters? Particularly the third image with the different types of Raksura--I admit I always had trouble picturing out how much larger Stone was than Moon and Jade.

It's pretty accurate, though there's always little differences. I really love seeing different people's interpretations, though.

My personal favorite is the one with the different Raksura castes. I just love the art style, and it may or may not have served as the basis for the development of my own shapeshifting race. (With quite a few differences, of course.)

All of it just makes me wish I wasn't terrible at drawing, which is why I decided to do fan music.

I guess you intended "oven-fried chicken", I'm the one that produces "over-fried chicken".

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