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New review of "The Other Half of the Sky" feminist SF/F anthology: The F Word

Quote about my Raksura story: All manner of strikingly original creatures, technologies and universes are rendered with thoughtful detail - I particularly enjoyed Martha Wells' gruesomely sophisticated predator-prey interactions." YES! Someone who gets me.

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I hadn't heard about this book before, but with a story by Melissa Scott (it's wonderful that's she's writing again), and a new Raksura story, I looked and found a DRM-free epub for a reasonable price on Kobo's ebook store (I vastly prefer DRM-free ebooks). I just finished your story and really enjoyed it. I love the exotic biology - far too many fantasy worlds have wondrous magic, ancient ruins, exotic natural wonders, and the same old bog standard horses, humans, cats, and cattle as found in every other fantasy world - at most there might be an odd sort of horse. I've always preferred stories with more interesting and exotic worlds. I love reading about the Raksura, but would also enjoy other non-Raksura stories about The Three Worlds.

Also, I really liked reading a story from Jade's PoV, seeing her as a bit young and inexperienced, despite the fact that Moon see's her as wise and certain about all things Raksura-related.

Thank you very much!

You've seen the non-Raksura Three Worlds story on my web site, right? So far, that's the only one I have.

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