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The Death of the Necromancer serialized online

Black Gate Magazine is going to be serializing The Death of the Necromancer as part of their online fiction series starting this Sunday: Black Gate Online Fiction Presents the Complete The Death of the Necromancer by Martha Wells

If you get impatient at any point, it is still available in DRM-free ebook at $2.99 in Nook, Kobo, and all the various countries' Kindle sites.

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Excellent. Will repost when it comes up ;o)

Yay! Already read the Kindle edition, but this is good too. I really loved this book. :)


All the INTERNET shall know your GLORY!


(I was the story before this on Black Gate if you want to while away your time, awaiting it. 0:)

Oh cool, congrats on getting your story published!

I already own TDotN, but it's been a few years since I read it last -- it might be fun just to read along with the serialization, and see the comments with each chapter/segment/however they divide it up!

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