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John and Teyla - Uh Oh

Weekend, Bank Robbery, Anniversary

This was kind of a weird weekend. Friday, I decided to try to pick up another aerobics class and went to one at noon. (It turned out to be a combination of zumba and bar/weightlifting. It was fun for the first ten minutes! Then it was painful for fifty minutes. Note to self, be careful about committing to a class where you don't actually know what's going to happen.) On the way I drove past the bank near our house, and on the way back, saw it was surrounded by police cars. I looked at the news online, and yeah, while I drove past it earlier it was in the process of being robbed. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, and they caught the guy within about fifteen minutes. It was the small local bank we use, where everybody's nice and they sell fruit and nuts through the drive-through for part of the year and have events for the animal shelter and sometimes give away popcorn on Fridays. If a bank was going to be robbed, I wish the guy had picked the Citibank.

Then there was another tornado in Oklahoma and it was just a crap week for a lot of people I know. At breakfast yesterday, a friend said he wished that there would be a week -- just one week -- where nobody we know died or had an accident or some other kind of major or minor disaster. So far this year, it feels like that hasn't happened.

We also had a hellacious storm last night, so I didn't get much sleep. And had an anxiety dream that I was late for a panel at a huge WorldCon and couldn't find my pants.

Twenty Year Anniversary

In the first week of July, it will be my twenty years since my first novel, The Element of Fire came out in hardcover from Tor in 1993. I'd like to do something for it, but have no idea what. One problem is that I'm super busy right now trying to fulfill commitments (I have to finish Emilie and the Sky World, the sequel to Emilie and the Hollow World, among other things.) and I don't have time to write a story or anything.

The Death of the Necromancer

Black Gate Magazine will be serializing the complete The Death of the Necromancer free online as part of their fiction series. It was my third novel, and came out from Avon Eos in 1998, and was a Nebula nominee. The first four chapters will be posted today at the Black Gate site, I'm not sure when it's going live.

I wrote it because I wanted to read a fantasy-mystery set in a world based on La Belle Epoque France, and couldn't find one I liked. And I wanted to write a Moriarty-like main character who have been the villain in other books.

It is and will be still available in DRM-free ebook at Barnes and Noble NookBook, Kobo, Amazon US Kindle, Amazon UK Kindle, Barnes and Noble UK, Kindle Canada, Kindle Germany, Kindle France, Kindle Spain, Kindle Italy.

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We'll let you know if we see you wandering WorldCon with no pants. Hopefully before you reach your panels ;o)

I've had a lot of anxiety dreams, but this was one of the most ridiculous. Also, the con was being held in two giant luxury high-rise hotels with awesome rooms, and I really wanted to go to it!

Robbing banks is a fool's game. This idiot probably thought your bank was vulnerable just because it was a small local bank. It just doesn't work in the modern world.

Ouch, I hope you find an exercise class more to your liking.

You should definitely go out to dinner or something to celebrate your anniversary. That's really cool!

Yeah, the robber also had fake bombs in his car; he was not a mental giant.

Thanks! I definitely want to go out for dinner but I have no idea what else to do. I really want to do something, though.

In the first week of July, it will be my twenty years since my first novel, The Element of Fire came out in hardcover from Tor in 1993.

Wow! I feel old! I just handed that to somebody at the library where I work a couple days ago, and said, "You need to read this."

Incidentally, we are the only library in the Southern Adirondack and Mohawk Valley Library Systems with copies of The Serpent Sea* and The Siren Depths. I don't know if this is related to the problems at Night Shade, or what, but Something should be Done.

*I'm happy to see this one and The Cloud Roads are checked out right now; the borrower is going to be awful happy I got our SF person to buy The Siren Depths.

Yeah, I don't know what to do about the library sales. I can see on WorldCat that a bunch of libraries picked up The Cloud Roads, but The Serpent Sea and The Siren Depths weren't really publicized at all and didn't get reviews in PW or Library Journal or any other trade journals, so I feel like most of the libraries that got The Cloud Roads never noticed the other two were available. I've been asking people who read The Cloud Roads in their local library to request the other two, but that's about the only way I know to get the word out.

And thanks for recommending Element to people! It's weird, it doesn't feel like it's been that long since it came out.

And to think I only just found your novels last December.

Here's to twenty more!

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