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Jack and Teal'c

Monday, Monday, Monday

I think this is going to be a low energy day. I hope I get my writing quota done before 9:00 tonight.

* Part One of The Death of the Necromancer is now online at Black Gate Magazine. The first four chapters are up now and new section will be posted every week.


* Ann Aquirre posts about Sexism she's encountered on SF panels at an SF/f con and Comic-con.

* I really liked this poem, by C.S.E. Cooney: Bless Us, Nellie Bly, Saint of the Secular Upstarts

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(Deleted comment)
I think they're right to a certain extent. And I've seen, and heard other people who run big forums say, that if you don't let the trolls post, or ignore their posts, they wander off because a reaction is really what they're after, which is why serious moderation is so important online. But I do think it's different for women. The kind of trolling that women get, which is so often threats of sexual violence, really has a serious psychological effect, and it's very hard to just tell yourself "it's just a troll, they don't know where I live, they aren't coming after me" when the daily news is littered with stories of women who were raped and murdered.

Also, if you've been a victim of emotional or physical abuse, the sheer randomness of online attacks can be very triggering.

On a happy note, I posted about The Death of the Necromancer on fb, and a friend of mine came up to me that same day and demanded to know where she could buy a copy. Another one hooked :)

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