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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Stargate Monuments

Future Raksura Books

Some people have asked about the situation with the Raksura books and Night Shade. Michael J. Martinez explains it here with regards to his own book way more graciously than I can manage at the moment.

The only thing I'm going to say is that this situation has been up in the air since late March/early April, and it took a real toll on me. I was sick, I lost weight, and was so stressed there were parts of April I don't really remember. The worst of this was also going on while part of my house had been partially dismantled due to a burst hot water pipe and I was scrambling for money to pay off the large portion of the repairs the insurance didn't cover.

If the sale of Night Shade to Skyhorse/Start had not gone through, all three Raksura books would have been unavailable and tied up in bankruptcy court for an unknown number of years. For me it would have been the six years of my work those books represented, and some of my favorite characters and my favorite world, basically down the drain. I've had a lot of setbacks in my career, but this was the first time I ever cried on the phone to my agent, and I'd like to thank Jennifer Jackson for putting up with my meltdown. And I have a lot of gratitude toward SFWA and Mary Robinette Kowal who worked incredibly hard to help make the sale happen. I'd also like to thank my husband and my friends who were very supportive. Not so much the people who shrugged at my situation because the drama of the online fight was just so much fun, and told me to get a bankruptcy lawyer, as if I had the 1000s of dollars it would have taken to do that, as if it was a magic bullet to cure everything.

I'm going to close comments on this post because I still really don't want to talk about it. I'll post more about future Raksura stories as soon as the details are settled.

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