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Journey - Young Hercules

Various Things

I answered this question on Tumblr:

tavianas asked: When are you going to tell Madeline's story? between DotN and wizard hunters? Then we have not been told the story about Thomas Boniface his new bride and his children surely a daughter ....

For me, those books were written fifteen to twenty years ago, and while I’d still kind of like to write those stories, in the meantime I’ve found a lot of other stories I’m excited to write about too. So I don’t know if I’ll ever have a chance to get back to them.

But I also think this is exactly what fanfiction is for. One book can generate little plot threads for hundreds of stories. I could never write all of them. So fanfic is a great way for readers who get really interested in some particular plot thread to play with it and write their version of what they think might have happened.

* People had also been asking about future Raksura books and the situation with the publisher Night Shade: I answered that here

* Free book: Part One of The Death of the Necromancer is now online at Black Gate Magazine. The next four chapters will be posted this Sunday.

* This is the final day to donate to the Red Cross and enter to win autographed books at Literati Literature Lovers Blog I've contributed a slew of books, including the Raksura books, Emilie and the Hollow World and Wheel of the Infinite.

* The kickstarter for A Knight in the Silk Purse anthology, the sequel to the Tales of the Emerald Serpent anthology, is going on this month. This is a shared world anthology, and I'll have another Jelith and Kryranen story in it.


Here's my appearances for the next few months:

* June 21-23, 2013. ApolloCon, in Houston, Texas.

* Friday July 26, 2013. I'll be signing Emilie and the Hollow World at Murder by the Book, at 6:30 pm in Houston, Texas, with Joy Preble (The Sweet Dead Life), Mary Lindsey (Ashes on the Waves), and P.J. Hoover (Solstice).

* August 29-September 2, 2013. LoneStarCon 3, the World Science Fiction Convention, in San Antonio, Texas.

* Saturday October 5, 2013. I'll be signing Empire and Rebellion: Razor's Edge as part of Star Wars Reads Day at 2:00 pm at the Barnes and Noble at 10000 Research Blvd in Austin, Texas. Aaron Allston will also be signing his latest books.

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The world of Ile-Rein is wonderful, and I'd love to return (especially Tremain). I also know a little about the business of publishing . . . mostly, I know this from watching friends who are writers get screwed.

There is a pretty serious disconnect between publishers and their customers, What we want and what we get have little relationship.

Lots of things that I wish were different.

Looking forward to seeing you at WorldCon -- you might actually talk to me and my dad in the same place for the first and probably only time! We'll have to take a picture or something.... :)

Also, very relieved to hear that the Nightshade mess was settle din a way that will keep the Raksura books in print, and you out of court, whew!!!!

(Also, did I mention how much serious ass Emilie and the Hollow World kicked? Whoo! Amazing Girl/Woman Power FTW!)

Yes, that would be cool!

And thank you very much!

You've had such a tough year, and I hope things will start looking up for you. I'm currently job searching in Houston and Austin, so I'm hoping I might see you at a Con some day! I can't wait for the next Emilie!

Thank you!

The regular annual con in Austin in ArmadilloCon. They won't be having it this year, because it would fall too close to the WorldCon in San Antonio. But it's a great little regional con if you end up in Austin.

Not that a lot of people read my DeviantART blog, but I put in a plug for the Kickstarter there. :3

I was just at my local library for the first time since, well, ever. After scouring the shelves for what seemed like forever, I finally found one of your books well hidden between all of the other "Wells." It was a copy of Wheel of the Infinite, still in really good condition.

I guess I know what books I'm going to be requesting for them.

Cool! And thanks, requesting the books at libraries really does help.

I love all your books, but i really love the Raksura books! I was worried when the whole Night Shade news broke and i'm glad that things worked out about as well as could be hoped for (and that you seem to have came through the whole thing okay, if not unscathed!)

I hope there will be more Raksura books, but at the very least i'm glad that it sounds like the ones that already exist will continue to be available!

(And i know you said you didn't feel like talking about the issue in the other post, so no need to respond this comment :)

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