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Element of Fire cover

Part Two of The Death of the Necromancer

The second part of The Death of the Necromancer is now online at Black Gate.

* Part One is here

It's basically about a Moriarty-like master criminal and his friends in an otherworldy version of La Belle Epoque Paris with magic, who get involved in a clandestine battle with a sorcerer who seems to be trying to raise the dead.

Here's a snippet from Chapter Eight:

Nicholas took out his watch and checked the time, again: the only nervous gesture he would allow himself to make.

The private chamber was small and intimate, its walls covered in red brocade and the mirror above the mantelpiece etched with names, dates, and mangled verses by diamond rings. On the virgin white cloth of the table stood an unopened absinthe bottle and a silver serving set with the other paraphernalia necessary for drinking it. Nicholas normally preferred wine but for this night he favored the dangerous uncertainty of the wormwood liqueur. For now he was drinking coffee, cut with seltzer water.

He glanced up as the door opened. Reynard sauntered in, crossing the room to lean heavily on the table. "They've just arrived — they're getting out of the coaches now," he murmured.

His evening dress was a little disheveled and Nicholas could smell brandy on his breath but he knew Reynard was only pretending to be drunk. In the doorway behind him were several young men and women, laughing, leaning on each other tipsily. One of the young men was watching Reynard jealously. Nicholas pitched his voice too low for them to hear. "Very good. Will you be free to alert the others?"

"Yes." Reynard jerked his head to indicate his companions. "I'm about to shed the window dressing and head for the hotel." He took Nicholas’s hand and dropped a lingering kiss on his fingers.

Nicholas lifted an eyebrow. "Reynard, really."

"It will make your reputation," Reynard explained. "I'm quite fashionable this week." He released Nicholas and turned to gesture airily to his audience. “Wrong room,” he announced.


If you get impatient and want the rest, it's available for $2.99US DRM-free on Barnes and Noble NookBook, Kobo, Amazon US Kindle, Amazon UK Kindle, Barnes and Noble UK, Kindle Canada, Kindle Germany, Kindle France, Kindle Spain, Kindle Italy and all the other international Kindle stores.