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Scribes and Sketchers

Yesterday afternoon I went to talk to a Scribes and Sketchers meeting, which is a teen program at the Clara B. Mounce Public Library in Bryan, Texas where teens can write or illustrate a book and get it published at the end of the ten week workshop. They have about seventeen teens enrolled in the program though a few were out yesterday. I did a talk with some tips about writing description, and answered a lot of questions about writing and publishing in particular. They were all really excellent questions. I wish the adults in writing programs would ask questions that good.

Next thing I'm going to is a multi-author signing Friday July 26, at Murder by the Book in Houston, Texas, at 6:30 pm. I'll be signing Emilie and the Hollow World, and Joy Preble will be signing The Sweet Dead Life, Mary Lindsey Ashes on the Waves, and P.J. Hoover Solstice. If you can't be there and you want to buy a signed book, you can email or call the store and they'll ship one to you.