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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Stargate Monuments

A Few Links

* Factismals a daily science blog, with links to some of the citizen scientist sites.

* How Not to Talk to a Writer highly accurate cartoon.

* Digital Natives Still Tend to Prefer Print
While the digital natives are more likely to access the libraries' content via computer, the overall finding was that they still adhere to the desire to use a traditional library. According to the report, "Younger Americans' library usage reflect a blend of traditional and technological services. Americans under age 30 are just as likely as older adults to visit the library, and once there they borrow print books and browse the shelves at similar rates. Large majorities of those under age 30 say it is "very important" for libraries to have librarians as well as books for borrowing, and relatively few think that libraries should automate most library services, move most services online, or move print books out of public areas."

* The Tempered Joy Of Being Gay And Black On A Day Like Today
Thanks to the Supreme Court, DOMA’s dead, but the Voting Rights Act has been gutted. I wish I could celebrate in full.

* Prudence Shen, author of Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, on Comics, Robots, and the Troubling Teen Years